If you are a New Company or an existing Business planning to outsource customer service calls, then check out how our call center services works.

How it Works?

Due to a huge growth in technology, the competition between companies is increasing day by day regarding customers support.

But don’t worry!

Our Call center outsourcing services can help you with everything, from customer support to satisfaction. Therefore, check how our call center services works.

See below How it Works?

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Collect Customers Details & Requirement:

Real Interact’s team will closely collaborate with you to know about your business, customers and objectives. Then, our business development officers will create a strategy about how to grow your business through call center services.

Initiate Process & Training:

Real Interact will conduct agents training to familiarize our agents with the services offered by your company. It will help our agents understand your work like your in-house employees.

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2-4 Weeks of Nesting:

Our agents will be enrolled into call center nesting for a period of 2-4 weeks. Here, they will receive training from veteran agents to learn how call center outsourcing works. Live calls and support requests will be used as training resources to enable our agents to learn your business process.

Prepare with Mock Calls and Training Assessment:

After Nesting period, mock calls will be assigned to our agents, during which they are tested about their performance. This will includes timeliness, support quality, friendliness, resolution time, etc.

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Finalize Candidates to On-board:

After all this process, we finalize our some agents that fits about your business and ask them to start work on your project.

Conduct Client Interviews:

Real Interact also offers a highly flexible on-boarding process. We allow our clients to interview/test our agents and choose the desired agents for their business requirements.

Quality Calibrations:

Using a standard grading system, we will monitor our agent’s performance. We consider several parameters for agent monitoring that includes call response time, oral proficiency, resolution time, clarity in communication, etc.

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Ongoing Reviews and Assessments:

In the last step, we use continuous evaluation to streamline the call center outsourcing services. We keep communications taut with our clients in every stage of the outsourcing project to fill gaps that may affect the project.

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We can provide 24/7 managed Call Center with the resources that write these languages like professionals in the following languages but can add any other language if a client requests so: