For many, the total automation of the call center industry is pure fiction, for others it is a huge potential that should be fully used in order to improve the efficiency of results and reduce operating costs in the company. What are the market forecasts?

Automation in the Call Center

In the definition of the term “automation”, the essence should be sought in process solutions, the implementation of which is designed to respond to the needs of consumers as quickly as possible and thus facilitate the work of consultants. Artificial intelligence, automation or robots are not intended to replace a person in his position, on the contrary – their role is to help improve customer service and decision-making during the customer journey.

Due to the high demands of consumers, automation in the call center industry is necessary. Companies use advanced technologies, thus influencing customer satisfaction and satisfaction. Research by Frost & Sullivan shows that 60% of all interactions with customers are fully automated, while the rate of this process, considered one of the most important trends in 2021, is expected to increase significantly over the next two years. A number of mobile applications, IVR system or ordinary online self-service are automated in themselves, therefore new processes are to primarily affect the integration of all customer contact channels, with particular emphasis on social media,

Today, innovative solutions in the field of business intelligence meet the needs of both companies and consumers. Communication strategies are improved and are increasingly transferred to virtual reality. Thanks to the development of artificial intelligence in the industry, it is possible to implement such systems that in cyberspace will automatically service each customer in terms of contract authorization, providing the necessary information, debt collection, chat service or e-mail correspondence. What’s more, in the case of virtual assistants, work is not affected by emotions, stress or fatigue, and cyber consultants are able to perform their duties continuously 24/7.

Automation as a Trend

In the field of automation, the Internet of Things plays a very important role, i.e. the Internet of Things, whose investment value will amount to 3.7 billion dollars according to IDC. The Internet of Things accumulates all the tools that can use the data collected on a regular basis to facilitate work in the company. Thanks to intelligent systems that integrate all devices both in the company and in the private space, customers will very often be excluded from the communication with the service department due to the internal network of tools or the self-service option in a specific online tab on the brand’s website.

Artificial intelligence, IoT, robots and innovative systems, thanks to which the data flow increases every day, have changed the market by 180 degrees. Automation brings great comfort to both call center employees and consumers whose customer journey is much more intuitive and simplified, and direct contact with a consultant is necessary only in situations where it is difficult to solve the problem without his intervention.

The development of automation in the call center was influenced by attempts to optimize processes, the main goal of which is the speed of task execution and decision-making, as well as the elimination of ineffectiveness and making mistakes by consultants who perform hundreds of similar operations every day, which increases the risk of error. The automation of processes in the call center significantly improves the quality of operation of the service department, affects the efficiency and productivity, and equalizes the ratio of quality to the number of operations.

Forecasts for Call Center Automation

The developing automation process in the call center is not a science fiction phenomenon, because companies decide to implement modern systems aimed at improving the service department and reducing operating costs. Nevertheless, it is impossible for robots or artificial intelligence to completely replace the human element.

Consumers still most often reach for the phone if they want to solve a problem or obtain information, and prefer to actually contact a consultant rather than seek support on their own in applications or systems that are often not easy to use. That is why consultants have technologically advanced tools that affect the quality and efficiency of the service process.

Call center automation is a right idea and a response to high customer requirements. It provides modern solutions in terms of customer service, reduces operating costs, while consumers will still need real contact with a consultant. Innovative ICT systems will be able to provide consultants with all the necessary information about the consumer thanks to, for example, voice analysis, while the automation of processes will allow the client to be assigned an appropriate consultant whose competences will solve the client’s problem.

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