Whatsapp is one of the most popular applications within all the messaging apps available in the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. In February 2020, Whatsapp already has around 1.7 billion active users per month, transferring more than 80 billion messages daily in the form of text, images, audios, videos or documents. All this makes WhatsApp a good communication channel tool for any company.

“Today, customers are looking for more channels to get in touch with companies – in addition to email or phone – such as chat. And, if consumers are part of WhatsApp, companies must also be there. ” Mitu Singh, Project Manager of WhatsApp Business.

In the 21st century in which we find ourselves, we no longer want to receive promotional information just by phone call, nor to receive email spam from companies. We want smooth conversations and fast information. Therefore, Whatsapp Business is a choice for those companies that offer products and services.

Both if you are a business owner, or if you are part of one of the departments that is constantly in contact with the client, you should know that opting for WhatsApp Business, combining it with a telephone system, is a sure hit.

Whatsapp Business offers you a complete platform that allows you to interact with customers, in a fast way, although not completely secure .

In January 2018, Whatsapp introduced a new app dedicated exclusively for companies: Whatsapp Business. This, has a series of functionalities that allow companies to communicate efficiently with their customers. Next we will see how.

How to create a Whatsapp profile for companies

Creating a Whatsapp Business profile is an easy and simple process. Following these steps you can create a profile for your business:

First, download the Whatsapp Business app from the Google Play Store, if you are an Android user, or from the Apple App Store if your device is iOS.

Sign in with your company header number. This can be a virtual or physical fixed number . You will have to insert the verification code which, if you have inserted a fixed number, you must select the verification by phone call.

After verification, you will need to update the company details and create a profile by inserting the company details. To do this, you must access the settings section of your profile.

Update your WhatsApp Business profile

Once the company profile is created, it is time to update the app to suit the characteristics of the company. The WhatsApp Business application offers some functions such as automatic messages, which will help save time and make business communication faster.

Go to the “Settings” section and click on “Business Settings”. Modify the settings based on the preferences and characteristics of the company.

Configure the three main options. These three are “Welcome Message”, “After Hours / Busy Message” and “Quick Reply”.

Edit, modify and personalize all the options depending on the requirements of the company, such as a welcome message informing about customer service hours, etc.

More options on how to use Whatsapp Business

Now you can use Whatsapp Business to offer support and services to your clients.

Collects all the information possible to your customers . You can ask, for example, that your customers give you feedback to see if they are satisfied with the service provided or not.

Send reminders , alerts, offers, and notifications to your customers.

Show how your products or services are , through unlimited information or sending documents or images, so that your customers get an idea.

Manage customer inquiries on the go and support their questions, concerns, concerns, complaints or suggestions.

You can also delight customers by sending them new recommendations or information on new releases.

Since the WhatsApp Business service was launched, thousands and thousands of companies have used the app to improve the user experience

However, this has some limitations for those companies that manage large volumes of messages, and that is that it can only be installed on one device at a time and therefore only one person should be in charge of all messages, be they from leads, clients or technical support.

That is why WhatsApp has already launched the WhatsApp API, which allows messhttps://www.whatsapp.com/business/apiages to be distributed based on pre-established criteria to each of the agents and through Artificial Intelligence.

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