Do you have a clinic and are you tired of your assistants’ work being constantly interrupted by phone calls? If you are in this situation, stop worrying, at Real Interact we have the solution. Do you know what a healthcare call center is

Among our services we have a virtual secretariat for health professionals so that you can focus on the most important tasks of your daily work. Leave the attention of your patients’ calls in the hands of professionals. Scheduling appointments and answering your users’ questions has never before been more profitable than hiring a healthcare call center service. 

Although if you still do not know what we refer to when we talk about this type of secretariat and its virtues, pay attention to the following lines. 

What is a Healthcare Call Center?

If you have come this far, it is sure because you are interested in knowing extensively what type of service a virtual secretary offers for health professionals . Certain? Roughly speaking , a healthcare call center or medical center call center is a type of service specialized in managing medical appointments for healthcare clinics. 

Experience gives value to this type of system that brings great benefits to the medical centers that make use of them. Not only because they bring greater satisfaction from patients , who see all their calls answered, but also because it is a service that improves the general productivity of the clinic by relieving workload on employees. And, in general, the management of the center. 

Many are the patients who daily need to make a quick consultation or schedule a medical appointment and, in the situation we are in, a phone call is usually the first contact. It is at this moment that they begin to accumulate. And when this happens, clinic employees begin to suffer constant interruptions in their daily work. Not only harming patients who are on the other line of the phone, but also those who come to the clinic in person.  

But to better understand the importance of hiring a healthcare call center, let’s really see what it is for. 

What is a Health Call Center for? 

Inside a clinic, it is common and easy to find yourself overwhelmed by the number of phone calls that patients make, especially during hours of attention to the public. Either just to make a medical appointment or to get a quick response; these types of centers can see their lines collapsed for quite some time without offering the necessary help. Is this situation familiar to you?

This has important negative implications for the clinic, some a consequence of the other. On the one hand, because patients or users remain dissatisfied and dissatisfied with the treatment (or no treatment) received; which in turn generates a bad image of the center and all that that means. And, finally, these two factors pose a greater problem, which is the economic loss.  

Have you ever wondered how this reality can be reversed

Undoubtedly, in hiring a health call center service is the key since it facilitates personal and professional attention to patient calls and avoids possible complaints and dissatisfaction. 

Specifically, its main task is to answer the calls that the medical center receives, answering simple questions, scheduling appointments and referring to the health workers any questions and more extensive questions that need their experience. 

Well, if we take into account all the work that is done within a clinic and we add the large number of incoming calls that are received daily, it is almost impossible to carry out good care. That is why the importance of hiring a health call center and its value in terms of medical management saving costs, time and effort in tasks that can be perfectly outsourced without sacrificing professionalism and quality of service.

How can I contract the Real Interact health call center?

Simple! You only have to contact us through this Contact Form or Call 678-882-5737. We will be happy to answer all your questions about our health call center service. Discover how you can adapt this service to the needs of your clinic and bet on the satisfaction of your clients. 

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