The balance between maintaining the highest quality level of services and the costs of working in a call center is a priority for departments responsible for planning and monitoring all operations. The implementation of the WFM system is a perfect solution for improving work optimization processes.

Workforce Management – When and For What Purpose?

WFM, or Workforce Management, is a system whose implementation in a call center guarantees optimal coordination of all processes in the company, i.e. activities aimed at maintaining employee efficiency at the highest level, monitoring of payments and benefits, training and human resources development and their planning, processes recruitment, productivity management and work schedule. The implementation of the WFM system in a call center is nothing more than good job planning, i.e. employing an employee with specific skills and qualifications for a given position at the right time to respond to customer needs and thus optimize staff planning in the company.

According to the report of the Polish Marketing Association, the implementation of the Workforce Management system in a call center may generate up to 30% savings in relation to operating costs. The greatest benefits of WFM in call centers include:

  • optimization of employee costs
  • higher quality of customer service
  • correlation of labor law with the content of contracts of employees of the customer service department
  • forecasting the utilization of positions
  • real time monitoring
  • stability of employment of employees (lower turnover)
  • automatic generation of work schedules

Managing human resources in a call center is a huge challenge – each company has a different structure, types of connections and their number or industries it serves, but thanks to the WFM system it is able to achieve the highest level of efficiency through a thorough analysis of consultants’ work, cost reduction and minimization misuse of human resources.

Call Center and WFM

Workforce Management is a system whose advanced mechanisms of operation allow for forecasting and optimization of work schedules of all consultants, ensuring the number of employees adequate to peak hours, ready to respond to the client’s needs, while minimizing the costs of the team that works ineffectively. Success in a call center is based on providing customers with the best service, thus optimizing costs and employee efficiency. The WFM system improves the management of human resources and all processes in every area in the call center.

In addition, WFM has a great influence on all levels of customer service, i.e. long-term planning, forecasting, daily monitoring, managing the work of consultants and their productivity and efficiency. The implementation of Workforce Management system solutions is a great perspective for:

  • reduction of dropped connections
  • reduction of call-backs
  • minimizing redirects
  • short waiting time for a connection with a consultant
  • customer service by a specific consultant specialized in a given area
  • building lasting relationships with the client
  • increasing efficiency both in the structure of the entire call center and at the level of one employee
  • regular reports and effective human resource management
  • improvement of operational efficiency in call centers

The quality of customer service in a call center depends primarily on people, but the implementation of a modern WFM system proves innovation in management and the willingness to optimize and constantly improve the company’s operations. A properly selected system enables precise and specific analysis of daily employee management processes in real time, personnel control to reduce the risk of excess or shortage of employees in the call center and ensures a quick return on investment, increasing the company’s profits.

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