Video In Call Center

A modern Call Center cannot do without a reliable, multi-task ICT system. Such software is the basic tool of consultants’ work. Recently, it has been increasingly expanded to include a video channel. Is video really needed in a contact center? Will the benefits of its implementation be so significant that it is worth thinking about?

More than a telephone

As statistics show, currently only 0.2% of calls from all Call Centers take place via the video platform. Predictive managers, however, are looking closely at large corporations such as Amazon and Target that have already incorporated video into their buyer service strategies. Experts say that in 2022 the demand for this solution will grow and more and more companies will decide to test it.

How is video customer service different from a traditional phone call? According to experts, video chat is a fast and effective way for a company specialist to reach a demanding client who needs attention, individual approach and deeper commitment from the service provider. The video is therefore to provide the possibility of customer service at a level that traditional contact centers cannot offer.

Call Centers software should allow for direct contact with the customer via multiple communication channels: audio, video, chat, social media.

It must also give the consultant the opportunity to guide the user step by step through the entire process of settling the matter or purchasing a service, enabling face-to-face video conversation, remote assistance, document sharing and, if necessary, joining other specialists to the conversation. 

It should also be easily accessible to the client who, without having to install any software, will connect with a consultant by clicking on the link sent by e-mail or in a chat. The only requirement is a computer with internet access and a working webcam. One of the systems that meets the above requirements is alfa.

Observing the directions of development of the contact center industry, we predicted that there would be a demand for a solution enabling consumer service with the use of video – says Janusz Tomiczek, President of Alfavox. – Our software was initially used in banking, which has a very innovative approach to meeting the needs of its customers. Currently, experts predict that 2022 will be the year of video in customer service. We have been ready for it for a long time.

Ready to go with your camera

What do I need to create a video channel-enabled Call Center? Renting an office, preparing properly soundproofed and lit workstations, substantive training of consultants and preparing them to work with the camera – these necessary steps make up a time-consuming process that can be eliminated when deciding to use outsourcing. Hiring a contact center where all of the above conditions have been met can be much cheaper than building an internal video service department.

Many uses for a video feed

According to Artur, there are various possibilities of using this multi functional tool, which is why he intends to offer this service to his partners and together with them determine the scope of its use. 

We sees the inclusion of video customer service in his offer as an opportunity to reach new, demanding industries with the offer. He also believes that in the era of the development of communication channels, every major corporation maintaining contact with customers should enable video contact.

Modern Call Center offices should integrate various communication channels and enable consumers to contact the service provider in a form that is most convenient for them. So Call Center is gradually shifting to the Internet, where consumers are spending more and more time. It is worth enabling them to talk face to face also in this place.

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