Before we learn how to get real estate leads for residential or commercial real estate market, it’s important to know what is real estate and its types.


Types Of Real Estate?

There are three major types of property; vacant land, residential properties, and commercial properties.

When it comes to the commercial realtor, commercial agents can represent buyers or sellers, assisting with the sale of commercial real estate property. These agents are usually independent contractors, not employees of a real estate company, and work on commission. They can work best with investment property. And finding one is a challenge. There are multiple websites which provide information regarding real estate listings of investment property.


Real Estate Leads



Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

There are more than million active real estate companies in the US, main purpose of lead generation companies is to get you a lot of leads so that your focus could be on finding new clients for your business. The main thing here is, finding the lead generation company which suits your real estate business needs.


Actual purpose of real estate lead generation companies is to provide the agents with a list of leads (buyer leads & seller leads) so that can be proceeded by the marketing department for further nurturing.

Here we have sorted out some of the top real estate lead generation companies for you so that you can make your decision on the basis of this small review.


Two methods that bold leads use to target leads are Facebook and Google ads. BoldLeads also works on specific Zip codes to target exclusive local leads for you.

Bold leads

You can visit BoldLeads here and check if your ZIP code is available for exclusive area leads.

Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow premier agent is leading real estate lead generation market with more than 36 million users. You can find potential leads easily with Zillow. They have a unique easily navigable leads database.

If you would like to look comprehensively on their leads you can visit Zillow premier agent here.

Market Leader

A company that has the biggest market share in the industry and can use its supremacy to affect the market’s competitive direction. Market Leader Inc. is the provider of marketing solutions and online technology.

The company helps in generating sales leads with tools for the clients. 


Similarly, Redx offers sales leads via a platform called Vortex and is a real estate software. Brokers and Real estate agents are able to access leads from any device via Vortex, They can tag, organize and save scripts for easier cold calling.


Ylopo is a real estate website that provides tools for marketing and ad management. It is an affordable website and marketing group. The website has many templates and subdomain sites for the team and individual agents.

Real Estate Market

Since the real estate market is getting complicated day by day, it can be as confusing as a woman’s decision of what to wear for real estate agents to maximize lead generation. Asking your agent about the best source of free leads, you will probably get to hear either cold calling or door knocking. Are you dumb enough to believe this? Like seriously? You need to get real at this point. In this advanced and progressing era, those are not the only methods and are not even efficient now as they once were.

Being generous enough, we have compiled top workable online strategies using social media, software, and more to ensure your hard-earned marketing dollars get the best return on investment (ROI) and you can stand out from the competition. You may thank us later.

The first question arising in your mind would be how to get real estate leads? These are the tried and tested ideas for generating free leads that result in revenue.

1-Real Estate Leads via Referrals

Referrals cost you nothing and can generate up to 85% of your business. You heard it just right! This method works best for agents with a solid list of potential buyers, but there is absolutely no reason why any agent who is committed to building a strong SOI cannot start taking of advantage of referrals right here, right now no matter how new they are.


When it comes to digital customer experience, reviews are the new word of mouth, especially for millennial. According to an estimate, almost 70% of consumers check online reviews before making a purchase.

3- Blogging

Are you satisfied with your lead conversion rate? Are you converting enough leads that can be termed as qualified leads by marketing? We all know that converting leads comes at the end of the sales cycle. But to get leads to the point where buyers are interested enough to buy your product, you first need to build trust. Blogging is a great way to build that trust.

Blogging is just like a free lead generation unicorn. You want to believe in them, but you are just not convinced and so want someone or something to convince you. Blogs can serve this purpose very well. With blogging, your intention and commitment are everything.

If you enjoy researching and writing about news and events taking place around you, and you can also take some time to post at least once per week, blogging can become a true free lead gen machine for your real estate business.

4- Craigslist

Surprised? Yes, you read that right. We were just as surprised as you likely are to learn that Craigslist can result in a stable source of free leads, but some agents categorically swear by it verifying that the free lead generation strategy that works best, is always the one you can stick with.

5- Real Estate Leads Via Live Chat

Real estate is a type of business which is driven by people. Customers prefer to use website primarily as a source of information whenever they need to get services from a company. The same applies to real estate. One thing that has not changed regarding customer services is that customers prefer talking to humans rather than robots despite all the technological advancement and the use of modern means of communications.

Retaining a customer while he is on the website is important to get real estate leads. It is a matter of minutes to lose a customer via online communication if something goes wrong.

Real estate leads via live chat is an option which enables to get an increased number of real estate leads without any hurdles of online customer services. Real estate agents in the older times used to build rapport with customers in person. However, in today’s digital world, customers like to get some information online at first before they make direct contact.

Real Estate Lead Generation

The following tips are helpful in generating real estate leads via live chat while also enhancing the customer experience once the live chat tool is in place on the website.

While using automated answers in canned messages, it is best to make it as real as possible to give it a human touch. It is equally important to understand the customer’s questions before giving out any replies while also being quick.

Greeting the customers and asking their name creates familiarity with them and being polite and appreciative is also important during a conversation. Agents must also proofread the responses to avoid any confusions and difficulties.

Being engaged in a conversation via live chat with customers enables you to know the seriousness of the visitor and helps in determining if the visitor is really interested to hire a realtor or he/she is just curious. The other traditional means of communication generally require more time to find it out.

Using live chat is a smart choice since a large number of homebuyers now are grown up in an era with modern means of communication. Many potential customers are more likely to make online contact at first, and using a live chat option to reach out to them leaves a great impression. Having a live chat option is cost-effective and this method of getting real estate leads is a better option than buying leads.

How To Get Real Estate Leads

Are you a real estate broker finding ways to generate leads in the real estate market online? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. The most convenient method of lead generation online is by providing instant customer support in a competitive market through live chat messaging. Well, if you are wondering how to get real estate leads via live chat so live chat allows your customer to directly interact with your agent through your website or mobile phone app. According to a study by REAL Trends, there is a 3x higher conversion rate through live chat as compared to the regular online marketing, and if appropriately triggered it can even boost up to 4.5x. Real estate business heavily depends on the property visit, but live chat helps the real estate agent to secure the customer’s interest or invite him/her to an open house or a scheduled visit.

6- LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn for capturing leads is also a new fashion. It is essential to make your agency’s LinkedIn presence noticeable by creating a unique, professional, attractive and informative profile. If you want to generate maximum leads through LinkedIn, you should also use the platform’s advanced search tool to find out some promising contacts in the market, even to engage with groups, and share valuable content.

7- Zillow

Are you not on Zillow yet? What are you waiting for then? Zillow is the largest real estate website with more than 160 million visitors per month, and the best place to establish and flourish your real estate business online since 92% of home buyers use the internet and digital resources for property searching.

8-Leads Conversion Training

Are you fed up of figuring out contacts from a boring spreadsheet? Why waste time when you can merely get leads from a single ZIP code. Multiple websites provide training videos and weekly webinars to help you nurture and close those leads.

9-Facebook ads

We all find ads annoying. Don’t we? Yet these ads manage to catch our attention for a while and get stored in the back of our minds and pop exactly when we need to recall them. Agents can generate leads on Facebook by posting both listing-specific content like testimonials and property photos and more general content to attract viewers. General content may include tips on home buying or maintenance, seasonal content, and community events.

10-Real estate websites for investors

What have you been doing on this planet if you do not own a website for your business? You can engage customers and capture leads on your website by offering a content upgrade. This means providing more exclusive content like an e-book or members area in exchange for contact information. And believe us, driving traffic on the website is not dang hard, if you optimize your website content, do content outreach and guest posting and create a system that allows you to get recurring traffic.

11-Spheres of Influence

Tap your spheres of influence since it is the best source of sales clients. The people who know, like, and trust us are the ones most likely to refer us. With this, presenting gifts, running a charity gift drive, offering some help in areas outside of real estate can prove miracles for your business. Moreover, when someone does refer you, make sure you thank them. Remember, you want to reward good behavior like referrals. Don’t be focused on the closings. Instead, watch your initial introduction and be grateful since gratitude is the best attitude.

12-Free Branded iOS and Android Apps

You are smart enough to own a smartphone. Aren’t you? Everyone does, then make maximum benefit out of it. Imagine, owning a branded app can take your lead generation to the whole new level. Use a service like AppInstitute to design and build your own app quickly and easily without getting in the fuss of coding. Once users download your app from iTunes or the Google Play Store, you will be able to send them automated or manual push notifications for new listings, price reductions, or promotions. It will increase your influence to international real estate market. Sounds exciting? Yes!

13-Customer Care

There is no business without customers, so customer experience management is an important and often neglected factor in lead generation. This will not only generate but also retain the leads. It can be achieved by hiring customer service assistants.

Apart from this, a real estate agent should be well aware of landlord-tenant law which is significant to secure the interests of buyers and sellers and even the renters. Here, investing in rental property is important because you can borrow the banks’ or someone else’s money to increase the potential return. Therefore, the rental market shares a considerable room in the real estate market.

How To Get Real Estate Leads In 2019

Here Mike Sherrard discusses best lead generation strategies in 2019.

According to him: 

” it’s important to blend old school prospecting like door-knocking with new school online lead generation methods such as social media marketing and using facebooks ads for real estate, to get the best results.”



To sum up, the real estate market is and will be going through primary and significant changes which would be a breakthrough in marketing processes such as smart homes of the future. Smart home attraction in real estate is not just limited to new homes, but many consumers are already exploring into the home automation market.

Companies continue to indulge in the plans to include the smart home in the future of the household. That is driving the real estate market to get in on the act as several real estate developers, apartments and rental agents are using smart home options as a value-added opportunity in attracting potential clients to their properties. While real estate firms are increasing their presence with intelligent home technology, you also need to upgrade your real estate market skills to keep pace with these developments.

We hope that you have gathered sufficient knowledge of real estate lead generation. If you’re interested in experiencing live chat on your real estate website, you should try our free trial and start chatting right now!



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