What are the Qualities of a Good Employee?

Keeping in mind qualities of good employee, Ask any HR manager, they will tell you how hard it is to find good employees these days. An employee with good character traits is worth more than 10 average employees.

The best companies have many things in common top among all of those is that they have the best employees in town.

Skills set of an employee is not only an important characteristic to look at but their personality traits also must be taken into consideration while hiring for an organization. Many hiring managers ignore the personality traits and end up in bad hires.

Good Employee Traits

What are the Traits?

CareerBuilder conducted research about the common qualities of a good employee that an employer is usually looking for. Soft skills are as important as technical skills are that’s why while hiring for new employee organizations look for people with good personality traits.

Qualities of a good employee

Every employee possesses different qualities but here are some important personality traits to take into consideration while hiring.

Effective Interpersonal Skills

Effective interpersonal skills and communication skills are essential for an employee. Good listening skills and communication skills play an important role in developing effectiveness and efficiency.

These skills are also important in building relationships with customers and building rapport. Some of the crucial interpersonal skills for an employee are:

Having a strong work ethic

Open to feedback

Positive Body Language

Self Confidence

Be appreciative

Passionate / Hard worker

Everyone says that they are passionate and hard-working but don’t seem to keep it after being on job for a while. One should keep in mind the significance and importance of being a hard worker.

Employers usually love those who are always ready to do more work than what’s required from them. As an employee you must exceed employer’s expectations and happily accept any task or project no matter how hard any task is.

You should be passionate about what you do, that’s how you’ll be able to give your best on what you do.

Positive Attitude

It’s the prime duty of an employee whether he or she’s a customer service representative or a sales representative to keep a positive attitude in the workplace.

Nobody would like to be around someone who has a negative attitude. That’s why an employee who possesses positive character traits is generally preferred by HR managers. Co-workers enjoy working with an employee who has a smile on his face and works with a positive attitude.

When an employee has positive behavior, he would work efficiently and happily doesn’t matter how difficult a project or task is.

Problem Solving Skills

In addition to being passionate and possessing positive attitude problem solving is another trait of a great employee.

Hiring manager should keep this in mind that along with other good employee traits, problem-solving is another important trait for the best employee to have.

In interview questions and answers session, HR managers or hiring managers test the person for problem solving skills. Employers want the workers who are able recognize problems and can assist in suggesting solutions for them.

The more problem an employee solves, more precious he becomes for an organization.

Self-Awareness/ Emotional Intelligence 

To some organizations, self-awareness and emotional intelligence are not that important. I’d still mention these two here because both of these are amazing and rare qualities to have for an employee.

While you’re in the recruitment process you should also keep an eye for those employees who have these qualities.

Self-awareness at workplace means an employee’s ability to judge their own performance and how they behave in different situations. Self-awareness might not be at the top of good character traits list but it helps agents to understand their feelings as well as feelings of others.

It’s a great quality for an employee to possess because helps them understand their strength and limitations. They realize what they are able to do and what they can’t. They also get to know what could be beneficial for the organization and what would be beneficial for themselves.

Team Player

Most companies look for a person who would be a great team player in tough conditions.

It’s not only important to perform well as an individual but also to perform as a team player and showing good team spirit counts as a plus point for an employee.

Some of the essential employee traits of a team player are:

Team player will adapt easily and quickly

Always reliable

Committed/ Passionate

Always available

Does more than asked

Leadership Qualities

Self-confidence is the key to leadership. An employee who has leadership qualities can definitely generate revenue for you and you can consider giving that person a key role in the administration of your company.

Here are some of the top leadership qualities

Decision Making Capability

Integrity and Honesty



Passion and Commitment

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Effective Communicator

Effective communication is a worth mentioning skill for an employee to have. It’s obvious that communication is an important character trait for a good employee but I have mentioned this here because I want you to realize the importance of this trait.

Good communication is a worthy addition to the above-mentioned traits or qualities of a good employee. On the other hand bad communication creates issues for companies so that’s why hiring managers should look for this trait when hiring.

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Action Oriented

This is another important quality or personality trait of a good employee. Companies should look for hiring those who are action-oriented instead of those who are stagnant. An action-oriented employee might lead to failure sometimes but more often there are chances of generating profit for your company.

Why choose slow-moving or those who are not action-oriented when you can hire those action-oriented persons who can help generate more leads and sales for your business.

Receptive to Feedback

Being open to feedback and constructive criticism is very essential for the personal and professional growth of employee. Best way to understand the suggestions and feedback is to listen carefully.

The body language of the client matters the most. In limited customer service, this one is counted among great employee characteristics. One should take note of communication between him and the customer which would be helpful in responding to the customer.

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 Did I miss any Important Quality of a Good Employee?

What are the other characteristics of customer service agents or what are some other good employee traits?

It’s an obvious thing that one cannot totally agree to the above mentioned list. Different organizations have different functions and managers require different sorts of things from employees.


Feel free to share your thoughts on this. If you have in mind any other qualities of a good employee you can comment below.


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