Ecommerce website conversion rates are 1% – 2%? This means that for every 100 online visitors for the store, two of them become customers of this store.

Fortunately, the online world is controlled by many rules and e-commerce stores received thousands of visitors hourly and daily.


Benefits Of Live Chat


Here we will tell you the benefits of using live chat customer service on your website.



1- Instant customer service

One of the things people like in “traditional” shops is the store assistant because they expect his help for any demand.

Your website may be non-easy to use, sometimes customers cannot find what they want. Some will find it easier.

Live chat support makes it very simple. The client can click the chat window any time they need help. Live chat agents can find out which Web site that customer is browsing, therefore having live chat for business is a great help to business owners.

Why instant chat is important? Because people take one quick answer about the shipping costs question then you will make a deal for your customer.




Live Chat Benefits

2- Chat with many customers at one time

Live chat service is amazing because the agent who called virtual assistant 24/7 can talk with many people at one time.

This is possible because most live chat service applications show the customer messages before sending them then the agent can answer the frequently asked questions and we will not forget the ability of people to multitask.



3- Easy To Show Live Chat Window

While most of the contact details on the Internet are hidden deep inside the store, live chat can be visible on every page your customer browses. The chat window will be an eye-catching or a chat bubble to capture the attention of your visitors and to increase chat opportunities.


4- Auto greeting scripts on Live Chat

Automatic chat greeting scripts are the most important features of live chat. Works exactly the way a store assistant receives customers: Once a visitor enters your store online (or a specific website), greetings begin and help.



5-Personal Service

Each time a customer enters a “traditional” store or connects to an online store by phone, it is completely new to the person who talking with. A good live chat website app lets you see important sales information like the pages which your visitor was looking, the time spent on your page, the date of chats with that visitor, or his or her email address. Thanks to this, you can offer personalized help with outsource customer service and give amazing retail customer experience.




6- Pre-chat Survey

One of the problems with stores is that customers come and go. It is very difficult to discover the returning customer. For this reason most business owners are unable to strengthen relationships with them.

Pre-chat survey solve these issues because they make visitors to your website present themselves (by name and email address, for example).


7-Live Chat Integration

Talking about live chat integration, in many cases you can use plug-ins or third-party applications to upgrade live chat.

For example you can integrate live chat with your CRM to automatically collect customer information.

Live chat with customers can help you better, faster, and more accurately guide your customers to the payment gateway and definitely you will make happy customers.

8- Reports

You cannot provide excellent customer service if you do not measure the effectiveness of customer service skills of your team. Reports let you track your metrics and improve your service when needed.


9- After Hours Forms

Each time your team is offline, you can still collect customer inquiries. All you have to do is set up a model after working hours. When logging out (offline) the chat window on your website is replaced with the form to leave the message.

Once your client leaves the message (as well as their name and e-mail address), this message will be forwarded to a message that the live chat team will receive as soon as they sign in. Thanks to this, customers will not be lost when they are offline.



10 – Chatbots

Catbots are a few groups of little workaholics working 24/7/365, and can handle 1000 conversations once and love repetitive work.

If you do not have a dedicated live chat team or a small team, adding chatbot is a great solution. Chatbots will work when you sleep and never get tired.






Live chat for business is the fastest channel for online communication, In your marketing strategy remember that Benefits of Live chat is not just a simple tool but can be used as a powerful e-commerce solution to achieve best target customer service. Live chat help will bring more visitors, provide amazing customer service, and of course increase conversions.

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