Are you a consultant, telemarketer or Contact Center employee? Do you work directly with the client or supervise its efficient service? This is perfect, because in just a few minutes you’ll find out how to achieve Customer Satisfaction of 91%? and Secret of an Effective Call Center.

The Secret of an Effective Call Center

Research shows that the implementation of even small changes in the relevant areas of CC allows you to achieve customer satisfaction at a level exceeding 90%! This leads to better business results. It favors higher sales and consumer loyalty. It builds their attachment to the brand and encourages them to share positive opinions as part of word-of-mouth marketing.

Unfortunately, these small changes are very often not properly understood and implemented incorrectly. All because many CCs mistakenly equate satisfaction with solving a problem! This is a serious mistake that can cost customers a drain, drastically reduce profits and lose customers!

You don’t really have to solve all the customer’s problems to be satisfied with the conversation. What’s more, it may turn out that despite the effective service, he will be so irritated that he will never decide to use the company’s services again!

How is this Possible?

The key lies in the right interpersonal relationships. Research shows that as many as 97% of people expect consultants to be empathetic, recognize their emotional states and adapt the course of the conversation to them. And, as a result of the pandemic, this number is constantly growing.

Ironically, the level of empathy in society has declined significantly over the past three decades. In addition, there was the issue of digitization and automation of processes within the Contact Center, which means that about 40% of customers do not feel understood during the conversation with the consultant.

It is more and more difficult for people to show understanding for others, and at the same time they expect more and more of it – also in Call Center.

This situation seems very difficult not only for Call Center employees, but also their coordinators and people responsible for customer service on a larger scale. However, recent studies show that it is possible to emerge victorious from this difficult situation. And it is in relatively easy ways.

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