The Inbound Call Center Outsourcing

The Inbound Call Center Outsourcing is an entity that answers and makes calls for customer service, marketing, technical support, and other specific business activities, also known as a customer service center, customer contact center, or customer care center (customer care center). The calls here not only refer to telephone calls in the traditional sense, but also include faxes, e-mails, text messages, and various text, voice and video calls on the network, which are technically based on multimedia. And each call center includes at least one ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) module and several agents.

The technology of real call center consists of the following parts

A PBX is an internal business phone system in which multiple phones share the same network. In the past, these would be installed on site. Traditional contact center solutions may still use this approach and are now frequently upgraded to virtual or hosted PBXs.

Automatic Voice Navigation IVR

Interactive Voice Response independently records the multi-level IVR voice automatic reply process according to its own business needs. The IVR function provided by the Realinteract call center system supports unlimited groups and unlimited levels of configuration. Users can combine multiple conditions according to their own needs to realize different IVR process configurations in different time periods.

Automatic Call Distribution ACD

Automatic call distribution Incoming calls are distributed to corresponding agents, ringing groups or queues according to rules, setting ringing policies and no answer handling.

ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), that is, automatic call distribution, also known as queuing machine. It is a description of the logical function of the entire front desk access control system of the call center, and is the core function of the Realinteract call center system. In addition to the call distribution function of the universal switch, the following six ring distribution strategies are also provided. All Rings, Alternate Rings, Last Connected, Least Connected, Random Rings, and Memory Rings.

screen pops

When an agent receives an incoming call, they see a window with account details. A screen popup will display the person’s name. Intelligence is based on caller ID, cross-referenced with CRM.

customer relationship management

Almost every business stores customer data in a customer relationship management (CRM) system. Call centers provide their teams with a CRM to store all their customer interactions.

call queue

When demand increases, people call and wait in line to speak to an agent. Call queues notify callers of their estimated wait time, location and associated notifications. You can even use a callback function if the hold time exceeds a certain threshold. Modern call center systems offer this feature, but may limit the number of calls in the queue.


The Realinteract call center system provides unanswered voice mail. When the incoming user cannot get the agent service temporarily, he can choose the voice mail service and leave his needs. After the agent logs in, the system prompts that there is a new voice message. The agent can click on the voicemail interface to listen to the content of the message and make a return visit The Inbound Call Center Outsourcing. After the return visit, the relevant return visit remarks can be made for the message.

Call Recording

Call centers used to record calls on cassette tapes, which had a lot of problems. Today, call centers can now record calls from cloud PBXs , eliminating bulky equipment The Inbound Call Center Outsourcing. Supervisors can listen to recorded calls and live calls in real time.


The Realinteract call center system provides analysis charts for various statistical data, including: total inbound/outbound numbers by time, total connection rate The Inbound Call Center Outsourcing, online number of current agents, inbound/outbound volume of a certain agent in a certain period of time , the connection rate of a certain agent, the comparative analysis chart of 1 day/ 1 month, the statistics of incoming calls, etc The Inbound Call Center Outsourcing.

According to the set customer satisfaction rating level, the customer satisfaction evaluation will be counted in the form of graphs by means of score statistics, taking the agent as the unit.

The bottom layer of Realinteract call center system is based on C language The Inbound Call Center Outsourcing, and the operation layer is based on B/S ( PHP and JAVA voice) architecture. It adopts a three-layer structure design and is divided into front-end application, application support platform and system software and hardware platform. It runs on the Linux platform to ensure the security and stability of the system.

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