Service Center: The Call center services with more services and more professionalism

The term Call center services stand primarily for the acceptance of telephone calls (inbound) and active calling (outbound). In most conventional call centers, great importance is attached to the standardization of customer service and the speed with which calls are made. At tel-inform, on the other hand, we rely on the quality and individuality of our service, which we continuously improve through intensive training and coaching for our employees.

With regard to the Call center services portfolio of our service center, it quickly becomes clear that we provide more services than the usual call center services. For example, we communicate with your customers in our state-of-the-art Customer Call center services not only on the phone, but also on all other customer communication channels, for example by email, social media or chat.

However, our expanded service portfolio does not only include pure customer communication. As part of business process outsourcing, you can outsource complete business processes to us. We take over the entire order management and all back-office activities for you. In addition, we are happy to support you in all telephone sales activities as part of telesales.

Since we attach great importance to the quality of our service, we work with our clients on all projects exclusively on a long-term basis. Fast campaigns are not our business.

The difference to the simple call center

Our service stands out from ordinary call centers because of our service portfolio, but also because of our corporate philosophy.

Family-run service center vs. virtual call center

We are a family-run service company that is based exclusively in Germany. This enables us to guarantee that our services meet the highest standards and are subject to ongoing quality Call Center Services. Due to our medium-sized corporate culture, we are very flexible and can respond to individual customer requests more quickly than large call centers, which often handle their services from abroad.

Permanent position vs. short-term call center agent

With us, all employees work exclusively in permanent positions. This is the only way our long-term training measures can pay off. This is an advantage for everyone involved: We can rely on the commitment of our employees, the agent benefits from intensive training measures and the client receives the highest service quality, which is noticeably different from that of a normal call center.

Professional customer service vs. dubious mass processing

Many call center managers have focused on the quantity of call center service. This means that customer service is often handled using standardized phrases and processes that do not allow the individual needs of the Call Center Services to be addressed. On the other hand, we attach great importance to individuality and professionalism, so that your customer does not get the impression on the phone that they have got along with an anonymous call center agent, but feels that their wishes are taken seriously.

Broad service portfolio vs. standardized call center services

We offer more services than an ordinary call center. As a Call Center Services we not only take care of customer service on the phone, but also through all other communication channels. Regardless of this, we are also very experienced in telesales, where we have specialized exclusively in the B2B sector. As part of business process outsourcing, entire business processes, from order management to the back office, can be outsourced to us.

We are fighting for the image of call centers

As an active member of the German Dialog Marketing Association (DDV), we advocate binding standards in the call center industry. In order to put those call centers that damage the image of the entire call center industry in their place, new laws have now been passed to sanction unauthorized telephone advertising. Further information can be found on the DDV website Call Center Services. As a result, unwanted and sometimes promotional calls from these call centers have now been largely prevented – an initiative that we very much support, as we want to continue to clearly differentiate ourselves from the practices and philosophy of such call centers.

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