Outsource Call Center Pricing

Most of the questions asked by our new customers revolve around a single subject: “prices”. Perhaps the most important factor in the entire outsourcing process is the cost of the call centres. Here are some general guidelines for call centre outsourcing costs and call centre pricing in our industry:

1.) Inbound

The customer then pays only for the time used, on the basis of a rate per minute. These rates range from $ 0.35-0.45 / minute at low cost international agencies to $ 0.75-0.90 / minute in the US / Canada. Shared services are ideal for applications with large variations in volume or low overall activity.

Dedicated – This type of service involves a group of dedicated agents who handle calls exclusively for one customer. Outsource Call Center Pricing generally bill for this service by the hour. These rates vary from 8 to 15 dollars internationally to 22 to 28 dollars in the United States / Canada for “normal” agents. Dedicated services are ideal for complicated applications or where the volume is large and predictable.

2.) Exit

Outsource Call Center Pricing services are generally priced as follows:

In general, prices vary depending on the location of the agency. Small agencies in India or the Philippines normally charge between $ 6-10 an hour. In addition, Outsource Call Center Pricing in Eastern Europe and Latin America charge rates ranging from $ 9 to $ 14 per hour.

Finally, Outsource Call Center Pricing in mature Western countries (like the US, UK, Germany, and Canada) typically charge between $ 22 and $ 32 an hour. Very specialized, high-level agencies in these countries can sometimes be hired for $ 35-50 an hour.

Commission – For some sales or lead generation applications, a full commission structure makes sense for both parties involved. The amount of commission depends entirely on the situation. However, the amount earned per hour by the Outsourced Call Center Pricing should provide at least a 10-20% premium over their regular hourly rate to account for the additional risk to the Outsourced Call Center Pricing.

Schedule + Commission – This may actually be our preferred pricing structure for Outsourced Call Center Pricing for sales programs. Much like you pay an in-house seller this way, a combined structure allows both parties to have “the skin on the pool” and often works well enough to maximize performance.

3.) Location

The Largest Outsourcing Call Center The most important cost variable is location. Therefore, choosing an Outsourced Call Center Pricing located in the United States or Europe versus India or Latin America will have a huge impact on the prices of your Outsourced Call Center Pricing. Here is a general guide to Outsource Call Center Pricing outsourcing costs by geographic location:

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