Real Interact Is The Best Call Center Services Pricing

Real Interact for Business is a Telemarketing and Call Center for companies

Real Interact for Business is the right company to manage Telemarketing campaigns for companies and Public Bodies: with a specialized Call Center Services Pricing and a cutting-edge web device we are able to structure highly professional advertising campaigns with guaranteed results.

A modern commercial strategy designed on the needs of customers

Our team of experts studies the most suitable commercial and sales strategies for each client to achieve high conversion levels Call Center Services Pricing. We take care of your campaign in every respect, from the phone call to the commercial e-mail to the messages on social networks: we put at your disposal all the most technological tools and updated sales techniques so that the end-user can give positive feedback when he comes into contact with corporate business.

The toll-free number, websites, inbound and outbound activities to respond to all customer requests

Call for Business also provides the customer with technical structures valid for every need. Reserved web areas for the management of B2Borders and for sales agents, creation of toll-free numbers, and inbound and outbound call center activities to manage the activities of a professional, company, or e-commerce at 360 °. Our updated systems allow us to carry out sector analyzes, statistics, and marketing research to manage an advertising campaign of sure impact.

Having acquired a product sector, we study and consolidate the most correct approach by proposing the creation of events, commercial proposals, promotions, and telemarketing campaigns that improve the visibility of the Brand and economic development by expanding its market shares in a specific commercial area.

The creation of a new brand or the affirmation and growth of an existing one

Our main goal is the affirmation of the customer’s brand: whether it is new or already existing is not important, our dissemination and sponsorship activity through all media channels aims to make the qualities of a specific brand known and appreciated. enhancing all the aspects that guarantee an advantage over the competition.

The Call Center Services Pricing and the study of telephone calls: a service with professional operators in the sector

The telemarketing campaigns and the inbound Call Center Services Pricing are the business card of the customer’s company: for this reason, we take care of all aspects of the phone call, from intonation to the response, to the management of problems, to the sale of the product up to order fulfillment.

We take care of the back office and the after-sales service to create that loyalty climate necessary to engage a possible buyer by tying it to the customer’s brand.

Our operators are trained both from a technical and a commercial point of view to provide a highly professional quality service in every product sector. In particular, we take care of company contact details, sending or requests for appointments, promotional campaigns, the status of online orders, we guide customers to place online orders and we submit evaluation questionnaires to our customers to ensure an ever-increasing quality profile.

Management of Social and Brand Reputation

In addition to creating original ad hoc content for indexing, our goal is to take care of the interest and sharing of users: for this reason, our operators also manage  the live chat integrated with the company website or the Social page, managing the messages from Facebook, Instagram … with personalized answers based on the criteria of each product sector

Call Center Services Pricing Brand Reputation and Customer Satisfaction campaigns are designed to monitor progress and business activity by proposing improvements and actions aimed at the growth and affirmation of the Brand. The acquired data are clearly recorded and studied through statistical methods and processed for smart and functional solutions.

Agenda of appointments and management of sales agents

Our for Business manages the agenda of customers and sales agents thanks to special APPs that allow you to interact directly with operators for the creation of online orders Call Center Services Pricing, data transmission, and information requests. Our personalized agenda service is aimed at all professionals looking for an intelligent service that helps them save time and optimize their resources without neglecting the full management of their business.

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