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Cost per call: what is it, how to calculate it and reduce it Call Center Pricing
The Cost per Call (CPC) is one of the key metrics of a call center, which can help analyze different aspects of the operation such as its profitability and the customer experience.

Calculating it is simple, but it depends on knowing the composition of operating costs in detail. Likewise, its reduction must be  Call Center Pricing viewed in a comprehensive manner, always taking into account the business results.

To learn more about the cost per call, we invite you to continue reading this article.What is cost per call (CPC)
The cost per call (CPC) is a metric that divides the operating costs of a call center by the total number of calls, for a certain period of time.

The CPC does not describe the total amount of the expense, but rather how the expense is related to the workload. Therefore, the volume of calls is also going to be of great importance, since its increase (or reduction) may impact in a way the CPC Call Center Pricing and therefore the objectives and results of the business.
And what are these operating costs?
To define the total operating costs, you should look at the following aspects:

• Salaries, Social Security, benefits and bonuses;
• Administration;
• Human Resources and Recruitment;
• Construction, maintenance and energy costs;
• Rental or acquisition of software license;
• Equipment rental;
• General expenses.

In short, anything that is part of the operational budget related to the operation of the call center. Depending on the structure of the business, there may be numerous stakeholders who need to provide data for this calculation. There may also be areas where the division between separate areas of the business is not entirely clear.

Why calculating the cost per call is useful
Here are some ways in which Call Center Pricing can be useful for the control and management of a call center:Help understand the cost of the customer experience
Call Center Pricing is a key metric when discussing the impact and value of the call center on the customer experience. This is because it provides an understanding of the underlying cost of interactions, helping to implement improvements in this area.

See costs generated by other departments Breaking down costs by the department is one way to determine Call Center Pricing. Knowing the costs of the complaints department can be as interesting and effective as evaluating the cost of the agent’s minutes, for example.

Calculate the cost of call types separately
As call cost analysis becomes more granular, you can identify the types of calls that use the most resources by selecting costly contact types that may need to be reviewed. This helps us build an operation based on continuous improvement that improves its results in the medium and long term.

Some examples of cost per call may be cost per contact and cost per minute of work.How to reduce the cost per call
Reducing the cost per call while providing a high level of service to customers is the goal of any call center.

Reaching this balance is possible. Here are some actions that can help in this process:

Train agents continuously
Better trained agents mean a better customer experience, as well as higher first call resolution rates. Training employees is an investment that no call center should take a back seat. Maintain high call quality
You trained the agents, but how effective is their service being? To respond to this response, you can monitor the calls live. Thus, it is possible to offer constructive feedback to agents, helping them to improve the quality of their calls. Schedule effectively
In addition to focusing on improving customer service, be sure to factor in peak call hours, agent stickiness, and absenteeism levels. Effective scheduling is another way to help increase efficiency and reduce call center costs.

Have software that helps in operational control
All these procedures will be more efficient and effective if you use software that helps you automate them and reduce the risk of errors. As well as training agents, opting for software is also an investment that can generate greater profitability in the medium and long term, since it will help you optimize processes and save time.

Cost per call is an important metric, and knowing it can help you optimize your operation and make it more profitable. More than just a number, this KPI helps you analyze key aspects such as operating costs, costs by department, customer experience, among others, delivering an increasingly better service to customers.

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