Call Center Outsourcing Pricing

The Call Center Outsourcing Pricing is one of the most sensitive operational areas in many organizations and businesses.

If we want to look at businesses from a systemic perspective, we can say that the call center is one of the border points in the organization.

In other words, the customer’s experience in interacting with call center partners plays an important role in shaping the image of the business and brand of the collection in his mind.

Many of us do not take Call Center Outsourcing Pricing very seriously or forget about its share in the economy. But you may be interested to know that the industry’s annual global revenue is estimated at between $ 100 billion and $ 200 billion and that a significant portion of the national revenue of countries like India, Malaysia and the Philippines comes from Call Center Outsourcing Pricing to international companies (+).

In other words, companies that want to outsource their call center services turn to communication management companies in these countries.

What you read in this lesson:

  • Definition of Call Center and the difference between Call Center and Contact Center
  • Call center missions and tasks
  • Call center cost optimization
  • Indicators for measuring and optimizing the performance of call centers
  • Outsourcing call centers
  • The future of call centers

What is the definition of a call center?

A Call Center Outsourcing Pricing, as its name implies, is a unit where a significant portion of an organization’s or business’s calls is focused.

Call Center Outsourcing Pricing can be divided into three categories based on their direction of communication:

  • Dedicated Pure Inbound Call Centers
  • Pure Outbound Call Centers
  • Inbound-Outbound / leBlended / Hybrid Centers

Dedicated outgoing call kits are used for advertising, product information and customer acquisition using Cold Call.

In the past, this was called telemarketing, and now, given the broader concept of marketing, it is more appropriate to call these call centers Telesales.

Incoming call collections are more specialized than outgoing calls and are used to provide after-sales service, distribute customer demand, and receive complaints and the like.

In English, the terms Call Center and Contact Center have different meanings and are usually considered to be the new generation of Call Centers.

In the Contact Center, the main focus of customer communication is still conversation and telephone calls. But other communication channels such as SMS, email, chat and social networks are also concentrated in these units.

Many Persian sources use the term call center for both Call Center and Contact Center units. But if you are sensitive to distinguishing between the two terms, you can use the communication center as the equivalent of a contact center.

Missions and tasks of call centers

The function of the call center and the expectations that exist from these centers have changed over time.

The first call centers were used about half a century ago with the aim of reducing the cost of face-to-face communication as well as wider and cheaper access to target markets.

But over time, other missions were defined for these centers.

Examples include call centers for after-sales service and call centers for receiving customer complaints.

If we want to describe the process of changing the task of the call center, we can say that these centers were established with the aim of cheaper communication with current and potential customers; But today they are mostly used to increase the quality of the customer experience.

Also, recently, some businesses have been using call centers to provide distinctive services to their specific customers.

In the future discussion of call centers, we will explain that these centers will probably take on other tasks in the future in order to create economic value.

Call Center Outsourcing Pricing

For almost three decades, outsourcing of call center services has been proposed as a method of call center management.

To the extent that the call center industry was formed and became a common term.

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