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You and many businesses have chosen to offer your Call Center Customer Service the opportunity to contact you through various communication channels. Many companies then favor e-mail, websites, and social networks. However, a recent study found that if businesses are aiming for responsiveness, they should promote the phone as a complement to digital customer service., therefore, explains how to provide optimal customer service.

Digital customer service is essential

In the hyperconnected society we live in, it is crucial that you have digital communication systems. It started a little over a decade ago with e-marketing using email to contact customers. This digital trend quickly evolved with the arrival of websites and blogs. Companies have seen the web as a real opportunity to increase their visibility. Internet sites and social networks have become virtual showcases. These platforms allow businesses to reach more consumers using the right optimization techniques.

Over time the uses of the web have evolved to become more interactive. Digital communications have taken a central place in business strategies. Digital channels allow companies to provide more responsive services. Customers feel that businesses are closer to them, that it is easier to leave a message through the networks they use every day.

However, digital channels have certain shortcomings. Although known to be more responsive, if misused, customers can wait days for a return (not necessarily a concrete response). In addition, automatic responses are often singled out for increasing customer frustration. Digital channels lack the human aspect.

The telephone fills the digital gaps

The telephone is a traditional communication channel. It provides a direct means of communication between customers and businesses. By contacting businesses by phone, customers are almost always sure to find answers to their requests.

In addition, the phone is known to bring the human aspect to business interactions. Because the phone is direct communication, personalization is easier, active listening makes sense, and empathy and understanding take place. Customers feel heard more over the phone.

However, like any other communication channel, you need to know how to use the telephone properly. Common complaints are wait times, multiple redirects, lack of politeness, lack of follow-up, difficulty finding a number and others.

How to make telephone communications more efficient?

The telephone channel is effective when offered in addition to other methods of interaction such as e-commerce sites. It is important that your customers can find your phone numbers easily. This way, customers can contact you directly when they have a concern with their digital experience.

In order to provide an optimal customer journey, it is also important that your telephone services are of high quality. To do this, you must have efficient call center agents and the right software to ensure a unified customer journey.

If you do not have the internal resources to set up this type of Call Center Customer Service, you can always use a service provider. The latter will provide you with everything you need to ensure the smooth running of operations.

Optimize your digital customer Call Center Customer Service with a telephone service provider

As we explained to you, telephone services are particularly useful for optimizing digital and Call Center Customer Service. is aware of the various requirements to set up quality telephone service. This is why we suggest you use trusted providers. They will bring their experience and logistics to your structure for more added value.

Finding a provider is no easy task. This is how we offer our help. We assess your needs, advise you on the various options available to you, and redirect you to the service provider suited to your request. For more information, call us on 09 70 71 83 00 or write to us directly on our website.

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