Small Business Insurance Leads Customer call center

You need customers to call you always and easily Small Business Insurance Leads Customer Call Center. For one customer number. Nothing annoys the customer more than a busy or deadline.

Or a confusing list of contacts on the web. You want to communicate clearly and friendly with your customers Small Business Insurance Leads. Exactly these “little things” make companies love brandy.

3 benefits for everyone


It always calls a number that is never busy (unlike a mobile phone).


He can ask a colleague for help with Small Business Insurance Leads. Even when working from home!


It has a perfect overview – it can quickly intervene and align operators.

How the call center works

  •  The caller can be played a welcome voice incl. information on working hours according to the set time condition.
  •  The caller Small Business Insurance Leads can choose (or does not have to) from the  IVR voice signpost according to his request (eg orders, technical support, complaints, etc.).
  • Depending on the selection of the IVR or the time condition, the call will be placed in the call queue.
  • Operators are registered for individual queues. The call center selects the most suitable operator for which the call will ring from the queue according to the set rule.
  • The call can be recorded. Calls not answered by operators are recorded as pending calls.
  • The call center manager monitors ongoing calls and registered operators. It has the ability to listen to calls, move operators to congested queues and create CC traffic statistics.

Call center statistics

Statistics can be created daily, weekly Small Business Insurance Leads monthly and exported to CSV. Thanks to them, you have a perfect overview of queues, registered operators, calls made.

Smart statistics for the supervisor:

fulfillment of SLA

call/call duration

number of calls settled/pending

and many others …

Call center integration with CRM

By connecting the Small Business Insurance Leads call center to your customer database (CRM, ERP), you can see customer Small Business Insurance Leads information during the call.

A smart window with the name of the caller/company + other valuable info (sales, outstanding invoices, last contact with the customer) will pop up when the PC rings.

How the integration of a call center with CRM works.

EXTRA gadget: Small Business Insurance Leads a general infoline is automatically redirected to his dealer according to the number. They don’t have to know the damper or wait for a switch. You can thus serve the VIP customer outside working hours.

Call center wallboard

Thanks to the panel with an overview of handling incoming calls in the call center (eg on a large-screen TV), operators can see each other:

who made how many calls, how long was the break, how many waiting calls are in the queue. In short, fair play supports the performance of operators.

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