The popularity of online shopping is growing, and so are the requirements in terms of ensuring transaction security, as well as post-purchase customer service. The PCI DSS standard, i.e. the highest security standard, which guarantees buyers easy shopping, comes to the rescue.

PCI DSS Certificate in Call Center

Paying with payment cards is becoming more and more popular in the World. Those who do not use it use arguments with a high risk of data theft and exploitation. After all, forgeries occur not only at the time of purchase and payment authorization, but also during the processing of payment card holders’ data.

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is an IT security certificate created by the largest payment card organizations. Anyone who stores, processes or uses payment card data is required to comply with it. It is the protection of customer data at all stages of their purchasing path, not only during online payments, but also during customer service. And this aspect seems to be the most difficult.

We have purchased a product, but for some reason we want to contact customer service to find out why the shipment has not arrived yet, whether the payment has been made, or to extend the validity of the application or program. Call Center people can identify us as a customer by the identification number assigned to us, the transaction number or the payment card number. Then they will be in the best position to help us and solve the problem.

In order for our data to be fully secure, the largest companies implement PCI, the strictest standard securing our data thanks to a list of almost 300 specialized requirements. Security must apply to both the applications and IT infrastructure used in the Call Center, for example in authorization centers, networks, and the information security policy implemented in the company. Restrictive mechanisms are also crucial, granting access to data to a narrow, precisely defined group of people who have unique identifiers and have limited access to cardholders.

The PCI DSS certificate in the contact center protects information about the customer also thanks to regular monitoring of consultants’ work and regular reports. Specialized manuals, certification training and IT security updates on employees’ computers make the call center that has passed this restrictive certification fully secure and process customer data, which is extremely important for the dynamics of e-commerce development, but also for offering the highest standards of customer service .

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