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Call center system for companies and answering Real Call Center

Due to the fact that answering centers are faced with a lot of phone calls in different fields on a daily basis, and how to answer calls, prevent unanswered calls, and provide optimal telephone services are of special importance, because answering all calls and meeting the needs.

The audience is consumed with a lot of energy and time by the specialists and experts of these centers, and users may not be able to respond to all the audience, and this will lead to the dissatisfaction of the audience, one of the ways to manage calls and reduce call volume. User input is the use of the call center system (CallCenter) and mechanized answering of audience questions.

Setting up a call center system in response centers can play an effective role in increasing focus and improving the level of response to the audience Real Call Center. This system, by managing and organizing telephone calls, enables the provision of services and answers to the audience in the best condition and in the shortest possible time, 24 hours a day, and as a result, the users of these centers can answer more telephone calls and satisfy their audiences. Increase.

Some application features of the CallCenter system

Call distribution

Distribution of calls According to the management policies of the collection, it is possible for the calls made to the center to be automatically distributed among the users of the center, which can be done in different ways. In some centers, it is necessary to manage the distribution of calls in such a way that the calls are distributed sequentially or rotating among the users of the collection so that the users can respond equally to the audience. However, in some centers, it is necessary to distribute the calls in a prioritized manner among the users, so that in the beginning, the priority is to make calls to a user who has more expertise and ability in answering the contact, and if this user is busy, the call. Communicate to another user who has less priority.

Waiting line

Waiting or queuing is another feature of this system that is mostly used in companies and centers that have relatively high call traffic and the company’s users and insiders are often busy and responding to the audience. The queue allows the participating users to monitor the system to find out the number of contacts waiting behind the line, and by managing and optimizing the time they spend answering, they can respond to a larger number of contacts and the number of calls. Reduce waiting recipients. Also Real Call Center, when the caller is faced with no response or the internal busyness of the expert in question, the system, by forming a waiting queue and announcing the turn and playing music, provides the possibility for the caller to be aware of his waiting time and wait until Release the internal or finally connect to the operator if selected.

Audio box

Given that there is no limit to the definition of a voicemail, all users and experts of the response centers can have their own voicemail so that if the audience can not talk to them for any reason, they can ask questions, suggest, criticize or complain. Receive the tracking code in the voice box of the relevant expert and follow the case in a mechanized manner. In this way, the center’s experts, after listening and reviewing the questions in their voicemail, will answer them and callers can receive their answers by entering the tracking code. This will prevent the dissatisfaction of the audience who are faced with no response at the time of contact and will maintain the quality of response and service of the center.


Providing management and application reports is one of the most important features of this system. Contact reports can be very effective in making managerial decisions with the accurate information they provide about the company’s incoming calls and how staff responds to calls. Managers of accountability centers can achieve a variety of results using these reports. Do company users answer all Real Call Center? What percentage of calls go unanswered? What hours of the day does the company have the most or the least number of calls?

Which department or internal has the most call traffic? According to the call traffic of each section, is it necessary to reduce the number of users answering the phones from one unit to another? And other questions will be answered with the call management and reporting system, and you can have complete and comprehensive reports of calls by users and different parts of the company. Also, information such as the number of calls, duration of calls, internal calls, unanswered and busy calls, the amount of use of express services, and various statistical and graphical reports can be received from this system.

Display caller ID and contact with CRM software

The call center system allows you to display the caller ID (CallerId) and link to customer relationship management (CRM) software so that as soon as the call is made, the contact page opens automatically and the user can easily perform the operations related to the request Real Call Center. And make the necessary follow-ups.

Record conversations

Conversation recording allows you to record conversations at the same time as making a call and use it to handle conversations and audience complaints Real Call Center. Also, by listening to recorded conversations, you can evaluate the behavior and how users respond to the collection and improve the quality of answering calls.

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