Call Center prospecting is a very effective tool that you can use to present your products or services and attract potential customers. But, to achieve this result, it is important to master certain very important techniques.

When you call a prospect, you only have a few seconds to convince the other party to listen to you in order to successfully sell on the phone or get an appointment. In order to maximize your chances of getting the prospect’s attention, you need to know exactly what to say. And for that, the best solution is to use a Call Center prospecting call script.

In this article, we offer 4 simple and effective Call Center prospecting call script examples.

The issue of Call Center prospecting

Commercial phoning is a marketing strategy which consists in using sales methods to reach, from a file, a target of potential customers with two main goals: meet the customer for a face-to-face commercial visit or sell a product.

Thanks to this strategy, the company has the possibility of reaching a large number of contacts for a fairly reasonable price. In B2B relationships, this is the first step in a sales cycle.

Call Center prospecting is a business approach that is often frowned upon by prospects. To avoid making mistakes and obtaining a completely negative result, professionalism is required, both in the preparation of the Call Center call and in the conversation with the caller.

How to launch a Call Center prospecting operation?

When you contact a prospect for a possible visit, the phone allows you to contact him, to qualify him and to make an appointment if necessary.

But for that, you must succeed in your Call Center prospecting operation!

The importance of the prospecting file

First, you must proceed with the constitution of a qualitative prospecting file. It must include up-to-date data.

To build this file, you can retrieve the information in your CRM or in your prospect database. In addition, if you have the name of your next contact, this is an undeniable asset to cross the barrier of reception on the phone.

If you do not have a file, it is possible to buy one, but beware: contacts are often less qualified. It is also possible to build your own file from your web contacts, etc.

Preparing for the call: the call script

It is important to avoid improvisation as much as possible in order to remain in control of the Call Center interview.

To inspire you during your preparation, you can consider the tools that are available to call center agents.

They have standard responses based on customer reactions to achieve a single objective: conversion. It is also necessary to prepare to avoid finding yourself speechless in the face of an unexpected reply from the prospect. Because if you find yourself in such a situation, your credit will certainly take a hit and the phone conversation will probably end there.

The call itself: smile and kindness

Once the prospect picks up the phone, your objective should be to cross the barrier erected by the target himself or by his secretariat. In the latter case, you must be calm and assertive to have the desired contact on the phone.

For any call, you must pay attention to your voice. She must be relaxed while remaining clear and distinct, she must inspire a certain confidence in the interlocutor to reassure him. Also watch the flow of your voice, it should not be too fast or too slow. Remember, in this situation, your voice is the only communication tool you have, so use it optimally.

When the prospect picks up the phone, be nice. For that, smile, because your smile is felt on the phone. Also, check that the prospect is available to speak with you. If this is not the case, offer to call him again after obtaining the guarantee that he is the right contact for your offer. If available, use your Call Center prospecting call script.

Use technological solutions to succeed in your Call Center prospecting

If you cannot carry out the commercial phoning yourself, you have the possibility of exploiting other alternatives for the success of this operation.

So, in B2C, if the number of potential customers to call is large enough, you can call on an offshore company. It is a solution which allows you to reduce costs, but which can pose a quality problem.

Since it is humans who will be responsible for this mission, you cannot be 100% certain that the Call Center prospecting will go as you want.

To ensure the quality of commercial phoning, the conversational agent is the best weapon you have, because it will only use the Call Center prospecting script that you have developed.

4 examples of Call Center prospecting call script

Here are some examples of Call Center prospecting scripts that you can use to obtain convincing results.

  • Example 1

Hello sir madam (…). I am (…) from the company (…).

I heard about the opening of a new branch of your company in the city of (…) and your need for security guards. Our company can quickly provide you with the system and resources necessary for your security.

Would it be possible to meet with you so that we can see together the options that suit you based on your needs?

  • Example 2


Am I at the office of Mr. / Madam (…)? Would it be possible to speak to her please? (So ​​wait until your prospect is on the phone.)

My name is (…), at (…). I learned from a press release on your website that your company has been the victim of a cyber attack which forces you to temporarily suspend some of your services. I am saddened by this situation and I offer you one of our powerful IT solutions to prevent this from happening to you again in the future.

If you agree, we can meet to discuss an offer that would suit your needs and the size of your structure. What do you think ?

  • Example 3

Hello sir. I am (…) from society (…). You left us your contact details for the DIY fair which took place in the city of (…). During your visit to our stand, you told us about your desire to have kits for the installation of a wooden cabin.

So I take the lead and offer you a kit to easily install your cabin without the help of a professional. Are you still interested in this offer?

If he answers in the negative

Thank you so much! For any other request, we remain at your disposal.

  • Example 4

Hello sir madam (…). I’m looking to speak to (…) please? (First get a “yes” from the person you want to talk to.)

I am (…) from the company (…). I am contacting you regarding the advertisement you published for obtaining an industrial machine in the city of (…). We can help you find the right machine for your requirements in a short time.

I would like to know if it is possible to get an appointment to present our product in detail. (Wait for the other party’s answer.)

If the answer is yes

It’s perfect! I leave you may contact to answer your other questions. Have a great day!

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