86% of people declare that Personalization of Services in Call Center with the brand influenced their final purchasing decision. The answer to the question of whether to introduce personalization to the contact center is obvious. Rather than “if”, the “how” should be asked.

Personalization of Services in Call Center

There is no doubt that in the era of omnichannel data integration and monitoring of customer behavior is crucial for effective personalization of the message. It is the lack of technology that is the most frequently cited reason why companies do not offer more personalized experiences (38% of respondents).

Website Personalization

Almost three-quarters of Internet users are frustrated when they receive content on a website that is not suited to their interests, In order not to lose customers, it is necessary to use variable elements on the website – those that will suit the recipient’s tastes. Especially that (according to Microsoft’s data) the first 10 seconds of staying on the website is crucial for the user’s decision to stay on or leave it.

What is worth personalizing based on the collected data?

  • Online store offer
  • Promotions and discounts
  • CTA, or call-to-action (encouraging the recipient to take action, e.g. clicking a button or subscribing to the newsletter) – according to HubSpot, personalized CTAs reach 42 percent. higher conversion rate than the unified ones

Mailing Personalization

Analysts have no doubts – personalized mailing is many times more effective. Experian Marketing Services analysis  showed that personalized promotional mailing has an average of 29 percent. more unique openings and as much as 41 percent. unique clicks.

Mailing can be personalized either through the input information left by the user (e.g. frequency, scope of information of interest to him, type of message), as well as on the basis of subsequent monitoring of his clicks within the newsletter.

Omnichannel in Customer Service

One of the goals of implementing omnichannel solutions is personalization of customer service in the contact center. Integrating all channels – including a common CRM system – allows customer advisors, regardless of the channel they support, to know the history of customer contacts with the brand, his preferences and problems encountered.

The omnichannel approach requires good tools. The one that best supports the personalization of the brand’s contact with the customer is video chat. By interacting in this channel, the advisor can easily present the product and service, advise and solve the problem with ordering or paying for the order. What is much more important, however, video chat allows you to actually establish contact with the recipient and take full advantage of the consultant’s communication capabilities – verbal and non-verbal.

Safety First and Foremost

In personalized customer service, the customer’s informed consent is key. According to the Janrain report, the vast majority of us (77%) are more likely to leave their data when it is clearly explained how it will be used in the personalization process.

You must also not forget about the safe storage of data and moderate use of it. Regardless of whether we are talking to the client by phone, chat, video chat or exchanging e-mails, we should not reveal that we have data that could scare him. This applies, for example, to geolocation, which is worth using on the website when prompting the nearest point of sale or receipt of goods. However, it could be problematic to indicate the whereabouts in a different context, in which the client would feel followed.

Proper use of personal data should therefore be aimed at the customer’s convenience as much as possible. They should be used when it will bring him benefits – both in terms of tailored offers, promotional e-mails sent, and when contacting the call center.

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