Patient Care Service

All calls square measure vital to North American country as a result of they’re vital to you. after you contact Real Interact Medical Centers, we’ll perpetually treat you with respect and kindness. this can be as a result of our call center team receiving constant intensive coaching that every one staff in Real Interact measure needed to possess. whether or not on the phone or nose to nose, our purpose is to form you’re feeling special in each interaction with Real Interact.

You can decision North American country twenty-four hours daily, seven days per week, and you may receive friendly and intensely quick client service.

At Real Interact Medical Centers, their square measure over one hundred twenty client service representatives able to assist you. Our call center is open twenty-four hours daily, seven days per week, thus we have a tendency to square measure perpetually there for you if you wish North American country.

You will ne’er need to wait long in Real Interact. one among the numerous employee’s members can answer your decision in seconds.

When you contact the decision center, we will do the following:

Help you build a briefing

Confirm appointments

Coordinate free transportation

Put you in reality with a doctor to answer your health queries

Answer different queries

Bilingual client service representatives

We want you to feel we have a tendency to come to Real Interact from the instant we answer your decision. to form it easier for you to speak to North American country, all of our client service representatives speak English and Spanish. we’ll treat you with patience, hear you rigorously, and encourage you to share any of your health issues with North American countries.

We ne’er source our Calls

Some health care suppliers source their calls to a special center. we have a tendency to ne’er do this. when you contact North American country, you’ll be able to make certain that you just square measure talking to a trained Real Interact worker. you’ll be able to estimate that private detail.

You will speak with client service representatives WHO square measure trained to grasp your queries and issues. they’ll additionally direct you to a suitable health care supplier or service. we have a tendency to respect it slow and check out to assist you as quickly as attainable whereas ensuring you get precisely what you wish. it’s a part of however we have a tendency to treat all patients at Real Interact.

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