Outsource the telephone management of medical appointments, the perfect companion for online appointments.

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In the age of the Internet and new technologies, the computerization of procedures and online tools are gaining ground, but we must not forget that the range of patients is very wide and that all of them must be treated efficiently. In this sense, we find daily that the natural evolution of the clinics we manage develops in this sense and always maintains the figure of the professional specialized in customer service:

As can be seen, productivity is increased and the quality and closeness of customer service are maintained.

We recently had a case of a new client who tried to move from a completely manual appointment reception system from their clinic to a completely automated one through a web application, believing that this was the most appropriate way to get the most out of this department. From the first diagnosis meeting, we detected that an essential link had been removed for a very high percentage of patients Outsources Patient Support: the telephone assistance professional who deals with the particularities of the client and orders the appointments according to the clinic’s priorities. The online appointment booking system is a great tool to speed up part of patient care, but it has different drawbacks:

  • Users are not familiar with the internet.
  • Reluctance to enter personal and clinical data.
  • The rigidity of the form and incompatibility with “special cases”.

Limitation of the priority system depending on the characteristics of the patient and the contracted service.

As user service professionals, in case of doubt, our advice will always be along the same lines: add facilities to the user instead of subtracting. Therefore, even if we are going to install an appointment request system through the Internet, the optimal thing is to combine it with an outsourced medical appointment management service. In this way, in addition to saving time with patients who are regular Internet users, we will increase traditional patient satisfaction while, through previously implemented guidelines, we will give priority to the appointments that are most convenient in each case.

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