Receive counseling (teleorientation) or monitoring of your health (telemonitoring) by a health professional, from the comfort and safety of your home through telephone calls to your landline or cell phone, thanks to Teleatiendo.

This service is not for emergencies. If you have one, contact the emergency centers.

Remote Orientation:

It allows you to provide health advice to prevent diseases, use medications correctly, inform you about the vaccines your son or daughter needs, advice on family planning methods, consult on healthy eating, as well as receive counseling and psychological support. Does not include medical prescriptions.


It is the monitoring of the health status of the patient who has chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, oncological and kidney diseases, among others; and continuators such as: pregnant women and children under 5 years of age.

The professional at the health center where you attend will contact you through a phone call to assess your health status and you can receive medication if necessary. Likewise, it will provide the patient or caregiver with recommendations for health care in your home.


It allows providing a diagnosis and treatment through a medical prescription by a health professional (doctor, obstetrician, and dentist), without leaving home using your computer or telephone.

If you still do not receive health care despite having a comorbidity disease, we recommend requesting a teleconsultation at the closest health facility to your home.

Before starting, you should know:

Fill out the form with your personal data, select the closest health facility and enter the reason for your consultation so that a health professional can call you by phone.

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