How to Choose an Outsourced Telephone Service Provider?

There are currently many telephone reception service providers such as call centers.

All these external providers offer a variety of services to their customers, but only a few are capable of offering you real values ​​and an attractive return on investment.

Here are our tips to help you choose your outsourced telephone reception provider.

Telephone reception is often underestimated

Many business leaders do not fully understand the benefits of outsourcing telephone reception.

Some argued that it should not be at the top of the list of tasks to be delegated to experts. Others think that their internal staff can take care of this “simple” work, or that the telephone reception itself has little impact on the growth of their business.

The truth is that outsourcing answering services has many advantages, especially if you go to a specialist provider.

The decision to outsource telephone reception allows you to create an immediate and positive impression. If you choose trained operators to answer incoming phone calls, you can be sure that your customers, suppliers, partners, etc. will be impressed with the level of professionalism of your business.

They will feel welcomed, appreciated and respected and will be more likely to do business with you.

The other advantage of outsourcing telephone reception is that it allows your employees to focus on tasks with greater added value.

If you ask your employees to answer phone calls, in addition to their responsibilities, they will spend their precious time doing something they do not know, which is counterproductive.

Outsourcing telephone reception will allow them to assume the work for which they were hired at the start, while the specialists do theirs. This will translate into greater work efficiency and increased productivity.

Be aware that call centers can extend their working hours to 24 hours. By using their services, you can therefore ensure a quality telephone reception even outside office hours, during public holidays, etc. Thus, your chances of achieving your sales goals and profits will be higher.

All these advantages will be within your reach, provided that you contact a reliable and reputable service provider. The question is therefore how to choose the right call center. To help you, just ask yourself the following good questions.

Questions to ask you before choosing an outsourced telephone reception provider

How long has the call center been in operation?

Knowing that the business has been around for a while can attest to the quality of the services it provides.

In reality, call centers come and go, but only some of them are good enough to stand the test of time.

Besides, you need to make sure that your call center is able to represent your business over time.

Are operators able to take calls at any time?

The best telephone reception providers literally never close.

Often when your customers call your business during office hours and holidays, they are greeted by an automatic answering machine.

On the other hand, if you choose the services of virtual receptionists, they can speak directly to human agents.

Can incoming calls be easily tracked?

Your external service provider must also be able to draw up reports on the calls and all the actions it has taken.

You should therefore be able to connect to an online telephone registration portal to view the messages received and the actions taken.

During your free time, you can also listen to the discussions between your personal assistants and their interlocutors.

Can incoming calls be transferred quickly to any phone number?

The ultimate objective of outsourcing telephone reception is to never miss an important sales call in order to meet the demands of callers.

If necessary, incoming calls should therefore be forwarded directly to the employees who work in your company.

This is essential if you want to close more sales or if you want to quickly find solutions to the problems and needs of your consumers.

What additional business services are available to you?

Call centers can offer you different types of services, but there are a few important things to consider when choosing one.

For example, the latter must be able to offer certain essential services such as making appointments, entering orders or even the possibility of downloading your customer database.

Also ask your future call center how to assess the effectiveness of its service, the possibility of trying its service for free to test and assess its effectiveness.

Finally, make sure that your call center is able to assist you, regardless of your questions and technical issues.


All outsourced telephone reception providers can boast of offering the best service for your business. In reality, the services they offer are almost similar, but if you take a closer look, you will find that everyone is different.

It is for this reason that you must be able to select the one that is most reliable and that adapts to the needs of your business.

When looking for a call center to represent you, ask yourself all the questions above and choose the one that offers you the best possible service, with the best value for money.

To close our file, know that the call center services are no longer limited to telephone reception. Many of them are renamed as contact centers that are to say that they adopt a global approach to customer service.

In addition to telephone reception, some offer to manage your email service, your social media platforms, etc. By choosing this kind of provider, you can easily take advantage of many contact channels to unify your customer service.

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