Outbound Call Center Services

In an Outbound Call Center, the director oversees the management and development of operations, teams and infrastructures. He is responsible for defining the needs of the site and anticipating possible problems, both economically and in human terms.

With customers, this “leader” is the guarantor of the achievement of the quantitative (number of calls per hour) and qualitative (speed of service, efficiency of advisers) objectives of the center. Depending on how the call center is organized, the manager may need to find new business in person. The animation and motivation of employees are, of course, part of its prerogatives. You will understand, his tasks are numerous and his schedule is tight!

In short, the director is primarily responsible for the proper functioning of a call center, in accordance with the rules and values ​​of his company Outbound Call Center. Unlike many of his call center staff, he almost always works full time.

Specific Skills

To access this managerial position, you generally need to have a higher education combined with a successful professional background. Proven experience in human resources management and in the management of a profit center (especially in telesales) are serious assets Outbound Call Center. The fact of having already worked in a call center and of perfectly understanding the issues of the sector is highly appreciated by recruiters. In Quebec, bilingualism is required.

Whatever your experience, you must be recognized for your managerial skills and for your ability to generate momentum within a team. In all circumstances, you are 100% involved in exceeding your goals and developing new projects!

  • Personal qualities
  • Leadership
  • Natural authority
  • Initiative
  • Organization
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Stress resistance

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