What is Outbound Call Center?

An outbound call center is a place where agents unilaterally contact their current and potential clients, doing so on behalf of the organization they represent. The reasons for making outgoing calls are many, including sales to prospects of clients, debt collection, applying surveys to customers, making notifications that promote the interest of current and potential customers, among others.

Outbound call center refers to outbound marketing or traditional marketing, which includes all actions aimed at selling products or services to users or potential customers, but in only one sense, that is, that communication is only done from the company towards the client and not vice versa.

The company that decides to use the outbound call center uses channels with voice, SMS, webchat, social networks or email facilities, to make proactive outbound communications to its customers, improving their experience through the channel they prefer, sending them Notifications and reminders. There are outbound systems that constitute an effective and low-cost tool that allows the company to differentiate itself from the competition.

Outbound Call Center Outsourcing

These outbound systems contribute to the generation of revenue by carrying out specific and well-targeted campaigns, reaching the client using a channel of those mentioned and preferred by the client. Within these computer tools, the interactive voice response solution (IVR: Interactive Voice Response) stands out, offering a personalized experience using biometrics and voice recognition.

The company strives to form a call center team with professionals, having to take care to prepare them properly, since it will have more opportunities to achieve the expected results. For this to work, the organization must understand the reasons why it should have an outbound call center, defining the objectives that aim to achieve those results.

The direct sales organization and its agents must keep in mind that they are not the only ones engaged in this type of activity. Likewise, they must remember that any business or any potential customer receives several calls and that, the outbound call center outsourcing offers a wide variety of products and/or services, from refrigerators, mobile phones, consultancies, advice, online courses, and many more.

Strengthening Sales with the Outbound Call Center

The most important thing is the proper preparation to make the call, knowing who you will be talking to, and being very clear about what you want to achieve with that call.

Companies must establish key performance indicators to assess the performance of the outbound call center and their respective agents. It is not enough to structure them well, it is required that the information collected for the calculation of these indicators be reliable, knowing how to read them, what their meaning is, and more importantly, how to act against the results obtained, to ensure that the strategy of Phone sale be successful.

It is very important to know the results up to date, in real-time, keep them updated and acting to improve them. It is recommended to evaluate its trend over time, using these results to review the initial planning, as well as project into the future.

If a company has structured a good outbound call center, with a team of well-trained professional agents, it can still find other variables that can result in weaknesses, for example, an agent that turns out to be lazy and does not work at the pace that others work. Another case is that agent that, although it makes a large number of sales, has a high rate of cancellations, which may be due to the fact that it is exaggerating the benefits it offers to the client or creating a high level of expectations, that is, which can cause considerable damage to the company and customers.

There is also another type of agent that takes a lot of time talking on the phone, which is not entirely negative, but it is very important that you manage the time of the calls. There may be some other outbound call center agent who is unaware of the product that the company offers or does not know it very well, which is transparent to the customer and, consequently, causes a loss in sales.

Teleoperators or agents should be aware that outbound marketing is not an easy job, on the contrary, it is hard work. They must prepare to move forward, however, continue to receive negatives in response.

In the sales function, the so-called “cold calls” strategy is discussed about its effectiveness, it is a marketing game that must be supported by a management and would be and duly dedicated. The agents of the outbound call center must properly plan the calls and address a specific segment of customers, which will avoid a lot of calls that would be marked by failure, increasing the chances of success in their sales management.

How to get agents to contribute to the achievement of the objectives?

It is recommended that the company establish incentives based on objectives programmed for the short, medium and long term, ensuring that they are attainable. This encourages the enthusiasm of the agents and the incentive tactic will be a success. To do this, you must investigate what the team likes and use it as an incentive.

It remains to say that it is essential that the organization invest all the time necessary to properly organize the outbound call center team, since only then, the positive effect on the results will be of great magnitude and, therefore, on finances of the company.

Outbound Call Center Pricing

It is difficult to guess the pricing of outbound call center services. Because it depends on services or types of products you want to sell.

Outbound Call Center Services

Real Interact is providing the best call center services inbound as well as outbound services. We have specialized call centers where we run your campaign (CS or Sales) and manage it via our Expert Training team, supervisors, managers, and QA team. Before we get started we will cover all the product knowledge, Q&A and Call Handling approach with you, then we train resources before we start handling your calls and we don’t go live until you give us a go-ahead. We will send you weekly/daily reports to give you the insight for your analysis and any changes you may need based on it, etc.


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