When to use an options menu in your phone welcome message?

The telephone welcome message is a hallmark of each company. Even though many customers are related to companies for the first time through a written medium, such as a contact form, many companies prefer to use the telephone medium. That is why telephone calls are positioned as the preferred means of communication, both in a first contact and throughout the business relationship.

Therefore, it is essential to take care of every aspect that influences a phone call. Especially those aspects that help us maintain a good relationship with clients and reflect a professional image. This is the case of the telephone welcome messages that we offer to our clients.

What is the telephone welcome message? And why is it necessary?

The telephone welcome message is the first contact that exists between a company and its customer, and this is done orally.

The telephone medium can be considered as one of the communication channels most used by companies. It helps companies establish a relationship with customers and be able to explain the company’s services, solve their problems, doubts, give answers, etc. It is the most effective and instantaneous means of communication.

In addition, this medium is even more important if we are talking about electronic commerce, since it is the only oral communication channel between the company and its customers. Therefore, it is an indispensable service for any company that only operates online.

An efficient and good quality telephone reception service allows the company to show a positive image towards its clients and reflect its professionalism.

It is important to know that human contact is much more effective than the exchange of emails and allows solving doubts and problems in the most efficient way possible.

How to make a good phone welcome message?

  • Presentation.

Introducing who is on the phone is essential to establish a first contact with the client. This way you will feel more confident and the relationship will be more fluid. This includes the indication of your company name, but also your own name and surname. It is also advisable to know and identify the client, asking for their name.

  • Determine the reason for the call.

To make the conversation as natural and smooth as possible, we must identify the reason for the call quickly. This way, the customer’s problem or doubt can be resolved quickly and their satisfaction can be guaranteed.

  • Learn to listen and have a positive attitude on calls.

Don’t stress about recriminatory calls and try to do your best to make the customer change their mind about their complaints. Let him speak and respond kindly.

  • Enter a phone welcome message.

When customers call you, they will appreciate a welcome message. Especially if you don’t answer the phone and they can’t finally talk to you. It can be a simple message informing the caller that they have contacted your company. Or a more detailed message, informing you of their hours of operation, etc.

  • Install a menu of options.

The options menu will help you distribute the calls among the agents. In this way, each agent will answer those calls in which he is a specialist, for example, divided by departments. The client will receive the most appropriate telephone attention, selecting in his telephone welcome message who he wants to talk to.

What is an options menu?

The options menu is a voice menu where the caller listens to the different options that can be accessed on the same call. Usually it is a message like: «To speak to someone in the sales department, press 1; to speak to someone in the administration department, press 2 ».

This allows the call to be automatically redirected to the desired service, and saves you from having to make call transfers, which often slows down the business process.

The advanced version of the options menu: the ACD

The ACD, Automatic Call Distributor, is a system that intelligently distributes incoming calls, depending on the agents available.

Calls are distributed according to different agent criteria. For example, the languages ​​they speak, the department in which they work, if they have already been in contact with a particular client, etc.

The ACD allows you to perform other tasks in addition to automatic call distribution:

  • Identification of important calls:

You can establish a list of VIP clients, to whom you can offer special treatment.

  • Agent Effectiveness Reports:

The ACD allows you to create statistical reports to assess the effectiveness and performance of your agents.

  • Customer information:

With the ACD, you can have customer information at your fingertips and know the essentials to handle your call in the best possible way.

What are the advantages of having an option menu and ACD?

Installing a menu of options together with the ACD to manage your phone calls has many advantages. Let’s see some:

  • Facilitates the communication process:

When a call is received, it is automatically routed to the right person, eliminating the need to systematically transfer calls.

  • Reflects a good company image:

You will reflect a large and organized company image.

  • It allows you to be more efficient:

You can know that the caller wants to speak specifically to a person or department, allowing the agent to prepare for the call.

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