Call Center sales continue to gain popularity. No wonder – it’s a quick way to reach customers, get to know their preferences and convince them to a service or product. The trick, however, is not just to reach the potential buyer, but to sell effectively.

Call Center Services

The Call Center Services campaign can be carried out quickly, without special preparation, using purchased and unverified databases, entrusting contact with the customer to random people. However, this is the first step to a sales failure. It will be fast but annoying to your audience. Instead of selling, we will upset potential customers and discourage consultants. And it is about something completely different.

Let’s Get to Know Each Other

In order to avoid mistakes, the telemarketing campaign should be carefully prepared. The basis of planning must be getting to know – both the product and the seller’s needs and the buyer’s needs. It’s almost a truism, but is very often forgotten when planning a telemarketing campaign, which ends up with low sales results. The point is not to call as many people as possible, but to call those who may be interested in the product or service we propose.

How to do it? You should start with getting to know the product we sell, with the exact definition of who it is intended for, what it is for, and how it can help specific people. Only an in-depth product analysis will allow the target group to be characterized and the databases to be properly selected. It doesn’t really make much sense to try to sell an anti-rheumatic blanket to a student aged 20-25, but a series of books on business psychology will be appropriate for men and women aged 20-50 who live in cities. In order to reach such a defined target group, it is necessary to have good and up-to-date databases. You can buy the bases, you can prepare them yourself. The most important thing is to verify them before the campaign and to check and supplement with the information obtained on an ongoing basis. A good database is a treasure and the key to success.

Strength in the Group

The telemarketing campaign is a challenge. It is best to face the challenge in a group – in this case consisting of consultants, supervisor, project leader, trainer. Everyone in such a team has strictly defined tasks and strives to make the project a success. It is often forgotten that consultants are also specialized – some are better at selling insurance, others in extending telecommunications contracts. You need to take a good look at the group of consultants and choose those who are best at this particular task. A selected group of people should be trained on the product that they will sell. A consultant must identify with the product to be convincing about it. Identifying yourself means getting to know yourself, understanding it, even liking it, believing in its action. This is what product introductory training is for.

Of course, call center employees should undergo continuous training – and not only in terms of product training. Regardless of the current campaign, telemarketers need to be trained in customer service or negotiation techniques. This is very important as it affects the motivation and quality of consultants’ work, and thus translates into sales results.


The campaign has started. Prepared and trained consultants call people from a proven and properly selected database. They carry out the task, convince and tell stories. All right. Maybe not? Exactly, the telemarketing machine in motion should be controlled. Continuously and accurately. What do you need to check? First of all, conversations conducted by consultants – thanks to the possibility of recording them, there are no problems with interrogating calls and catching any weak points or irregularities. Each of such irregularities can be corrected immediately, thanks to which the telemarketing campaign will be more effective.

The databases should also be checked – their timeliness and completeness. It is worth monitoring the division of databases between individual people so that a situation in which several consultants will not call one potential client. You have to keep an eye on the status of cases – IT systems help in this, in which all information regarding contact with a potential customer is saved. Date of contact, information about the client, date of the next telephone call, opinion or request of the client – everything must not only be collected in one place, but also monitored so as not to miss any important information.

Yes, I’m Listening

The telemarketing campaigns seem to be one-sided. The consultant establishes contact, talks about the product, answers questions, and guides you through the formalities. However, all this must not obscure the fact that on the other side there is a client – a man who has his own needs and expectations. It’s not just the listener waiting for the telemarketer to say what he has to say. It is someone who is curious about additional details, needs time to think, and prefers a different type of contact. Each request from a potential customer must be carefully recorded and implemented. We promised to call you back on another date? Let’s do it! We were given the task of obtaining additional information? Let’s ask the manufacturer about the details that the customer wants to know and introduce them to him. Let’s listen to what our customers say to us,

A telemarketing campaign is a process. Important and very delicate. It cannot be left to itself or to unforeseen circumstances. Its success must be ensured by the appropriate selection of consultants, training, continuous monitoring and responding to the needs of interlocutors. Thanks to this approach, this process will be successful.

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