Much has been written about the Millennial generation: about their behavior on the labor market, expectations, the implementation of the “use it, don’t have” philosophy and enormous independence. Employers from many industries criticize these attitudes, but for a call center a representative of Generation Z is an ideal employee.

Millennials in Call Center – It Can Work

“Zetka” were born after 1995, so the oldest of them are in their twenties, they are at the beginning of their studies. They grew up in the era of the internet boom, accompanied by smartphones and social media. Work often helps them achieve non-professional goals – developing passion, personal development or traveling. It must therefore be flexible in the hourly and bonus system. So that it is up to them how much they want to work and how much to earn in the end. And this formula is most often implemented in a call center.

In a contact center, customer service requires task-oriented, open-minded and flexible employees. They can come to work for a few hours, work in the evening or on weekends. Conveniently exchange roster with colleagues and have an influence on bonuses and bonuses if they are involved. Millennials can study or pursue personal plans during this time. And of course, build more entries in your biography.

What Should You Offer to Generation Y and Z as an Employer in the Call Center Industry?

  1. working at a convenient time: 4, 6 or 8 hours and keeping their “work-life balance”;
  2. Work at a selected time: morning, evening, weekdays or weekends;
  3. an office in the city center (to conveniently reach it by public transport);
  4. bonus or bonus system with the information: “Your earnings depend on you”;
  5. space for meetings or rest at work (chillout rooms);
  6. personalization of space (photos, “own trace”);
  7. an idea to use their enthusiasm;
  8. position development – a clear system of development in a given workplace;
  9. partner-like treatment and feedback;
  10. consider a weekly payout system.

By employing a consultant from the Y or Z generation, you can count on his enthusiasm and commitment, thanks to which he will quickly achieve the goals you set.

Millennials work great in a team, and because they are creative – they will easily come up with new ideas that optimize their work. They will naturally handle Internet channels and instant messaging efficiently. Moreover, they are open and relational – useful when working in a contact center. The desire to acquire knowledge, which Millennials do not lack, and thus – quick learning, cannot be overestimated. And if you are a good employer, consistently implementing the values ​​shared by your company and employees, there is a chance that young people will become ambassadors of your brand.

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