Live Chat Agents Vs Chatbots to Provide Best Customer Service

There is a difference between Chatbot and Live Chat. Chatbots are Artificial Intelligent computer programs that answer queries via chat interface, whereas, live chat is carried out by a human. In this article, we are going to shed some light on live chat agents vs chatbots to provide best customer service.


Chatbots Vs Live Chat Agent


AI Chatbots

Chatbots are tools which are developed to cope with limited manpower abilities. They are used to enhance general user experience on websites. AI Chatbots learn and update themselves with customer interactions. However, there are limitations.

  • Chatbots have a complex interface and they generally need a lot of time to comprehend the requirements of user. This results in poor filtration results that result in failure to meet customers’ expectations.
  • Chatbots have fixed programs and they are not able to understand queries if an unexpected question comes up. This also results in customer dissatisfaction.
  • Because of limited and fixed data and time required to update, chatbots become time consuming and they become confused in their interaction with customers.
  • Chatbots are an expensive investment because they need to be programmed differently, unlike humans. Furthermore, updating the program leads to extra costs.
  • Chatbots do not have decision making power, they learn from interaction with customers and which can be irrelevant and lead to difficulties for the brand.
  • Chatbots have a poor recollection of conversations which can lead to repeated information from a customer. Thus careful designing of chatbots is paramount.

Outsourced Live Chat Agents

Outsourced live chat agents can provide support to your website’s visitors via 24/7 human live chat help even for different time zones, making it convenient for you. You can easily convert the leads to sales with the help of live chat outsourcing whatever online business it may be.

  • Outsourced live chat reduces costs significantly in terms of having an office, a call center or a building. It also reduces labor cost.
  • Outsourcing live chat agents reduces staffing issues since the hiring, creating and training of team is done externally by an outsourcing company.
  • Even with 24/7 live chat customer support, the cost is less for the company.
  • Outsourced live chat service increases business continuity by providing service round the clock and for different geographical locations resulting in the enhanced customer service experience. It also gives a competitive advantage over other companies with similar business.
  • Companies can add more languages while providing live chat than English and thus expanding the customer base and better customer communication.
  • There is a prominent reduction in response time to customers which is a main precursor of customer satisfaction and leads to good online customer reviews.

Concluding Points

For our today’s topic on live chat agents vs chatbots to provide best customer service, following are the concluding points:

Great Customer Service

It’s a fact that both forms of customer services are gaining popularity. Whatever option you go for depends on the type of business you have. However, from the abovementioned points, it is clear that live chat agents can provide great customer service because although chatbots are responsive, their answers are limited to what they’re programmed to say and are not able to communicate like humans.

Best Customer Service Experience

Live chat via agents is the best customer service practice since a large number of customers prefer to talk to human beings to get real time answers to their queries. Businesses continuously try to make the best customer service experience for the people. Human-powered live chat remains the most common feature for customer communication on websites.


Real Interact provides best customer service practice. It gives a human touch to every chat on your website. We provide round the clock live chat service. This is to ensure that the visitors on your website do not get disappointed by robotic and off the wall response to their queries. Live Chat with Real Interact makes sure that customers’ expectations are met because improving customer service experience is our primary intention.

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