You always hear statements such as “the customer is the protagonist in the shops”, “the customer is always right”; It is because consumers are the ones who decide who to buy from and that is why companies must constantly implement key strategies to successfully serve the customer since companies are immersed in a globalized market where competition is increasing every day, in In some cases, the products are similar and that is why potential buyers look for affordable prices, quality and, above all, excellent customer service .

Entrepreneurs are well aware that finding a new customer takes longer than keeping an existing one. This is why, in organizations, a work environment is permanently created so that employees in charge of sales are strengthened with key tools and techniques for successful customer service. According to Peter Druker, the most important results in any company, are not inside. Good business comes from a satisfied customer.

What are the keys to attracting new customers, converting them into permanent buyers and who in turn can recommend the company to their close circle?

The attitude

Companies must work to build a favorable work environment because its quality will influence the satisfaction of the company’s employees and their attitude, which is reflected in their way of acting and in their relationship with others. A valued employee will develop a great sense of belonging to the organization and understand how important it is to keep a satisfied customer.

Courtesy Rules

The application of courtesy rules in customer service is essential, as it guarantees that they are treated with education, dignity and decorum. Disgusting habits on the part of employees such as the use of impolite and rude words, being reckless, unpunctual, unkind and respectful can lead the customer to prefer the competition, not because the product is bad but, because of the absence of skills for dealing in business.

Listening ability

The customer should not be heard, but rather listened to. Employees must be trained with sufficient emotional intelligence to be empathetic and in this way know how to listen to the client’s needs, so they will feel taken into account and that they are important for the company.

Adapt to different types of clients

There are many types of customers, the difficult, the impatient, the demanding, the distrustful. It is up to the sales staff to have the skills to adapt, as not all people can be treated the same. Collaborators by establishing a cordial atmosphere with their customers, knowing the product to offer the most information, being concrete, demonstrating seriousness and efficiency, will ensure that the consumer always remains loyal to the organization.

Offer solutions when there are problems

Problems arise daily, the secret of successful customer service is to offer them the most appropriate solutions so that the conflict is resolved in a positive way. In order to offer solutions, the client is first allowed to present their complaint, when they already know what is happening, they must offer an apology to the client and the commitment that the matter will be resolved and it will not be repeated. You have to concentrate more on the solutions than on the problem and both parties can Win – Win.

How you communicate (body language, tone of voice, appearance)

Doctor Camilo Cruz affirms that “it is not what you say, but how you say it”, that is why it is so important in sales that the following techniques are properly managed:

  • Body Language: If when serving a client the employee does not smile, omits the greeting and has a closed body posture where, for example, he crosses his arms, a communication barrier is established that intimidates the client, shows disinterest and distance to negotiate the sale.
  • Tone of Voice: The tone of voice and the way of speaking must demonstrate security to generate trust in customers. The intensity of the tone of voice should be controlled so as not to stun with a very high voice or not to be understood because it speaks very softly. It is advisable to use a tone of voice similar to that of the prospective buyer.

Incorporation of Technology for Customer Service

Currently, to penetrate the markets, companies need to renew their marketing practices incorporating Digital Disruption, which consists of an alteration produced by a change due to the intervention of digital technology and new business patterns, in the attention and relationships with customers. customers.

The customer at this time can have at their disposal social networks, customer contact centers with new technological advances, multichannel platforms where, for example, a customer purchases a product online, withdraws it from a store, but then realizes that it is not the size you need. This buyer has the possibility through a mobile application on his phone to find the closest store, where he can get the size of the product he needs and proceed to make the change, without encountering obstacles in this process.

Next, an inspiring Multichannel platform is providing virtual customer service, with a large number of products in its web channels, beneficial and functional for customers.

Customer Service Evaluation

What is not measured can not be improved. It is convenient for companies to establish mechanisms to determine the level of customer satisfaction from the beginning of the sales process; evaluating the service provided, in order to redirect actions and offer a better service.  Companies should also go for Call Center Services to provide best customer services.

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