Today, many companies are internationalizing and conquering new foreign markets. This phenomenon offers many advantages, including access to a greater number of consumers and suppliers, but it also has disadvantages. Communication can become more expensive and difficult if the company does not have the ability to receive calls unlimited and from anywhere in the world.

We live in an increasingly competitive world, in which companies struggle to enter the new markets first. For this reason, it is essential to equip yourself with all the necessary tools to internationalize your business.

How are calls made and received from a foreign country?

To call abroad, the prefix assigned to the country you want to call is usually dialed. This is a very simple and fast process that connects two people in countries that may be located on opposite sides of the world. However, despite its simplicity, many companies still choose to make these calls from numbers that do not correspond to the destination country, and this can present considerable costs that may increase depending on the countries involved.

Over the years, new technologies have allowed the development of tools, applications, etc., that enable communication around the world, often using the WiFi network. This is the case of applications such as Skype, WhatsApp , Viber , Messenger , and many others. However, although these communication tools have become popular and have begun to be used in the business world, they do not reflect a professional image of the company that uses them. In addition, on many occasions these applications have suffered operating problems, failures and even security breaches, which does not guarantee the confidentiality of the information transmitted through them.

Make and receive calls abroad with a virtual number

Virtual switchboard service works with WebRTC technology. The virtual number can receive unlimited calls from all over the world and from anywhere in the world. But also make outgoing calls showing international numbers of the country of destination of the call.

For example, a company based in USA but with clients in UK, can count on a virtual UK numbering to make and receive calls from their clients. When they receive the call, they will see a UK number, they will feel more familiar with the numbering and they will answer the call without any problem. For the company, issuing these calls has no additional cost to a national call, regardless of whether they are in USA.

When can having an international virtual number be useful?

  • To internationalize your business
  • To gain the trust of customers abroad
  • To show a professional image
  • To grow your business if you are self-employed
  • To have the same number for all employees
  • To be able to travel while answering calls

How does a virtual number work?

With a virtual number, you can make and receive calls in the same way that you would with a traditional number. When a customer calls your number, the virtual phone system will redirect the call to your extension. This will sound on the device where you are connected: mobile app, computer or tablet.

You have the option of adding as many different national or international numbers as you want to the telephone service you currently have. Also, the client will not know from which place or device the call is being received or emitted.

The main advantage is that you won’t have to waste time and money duplicating SIM cards in order to differentiate your professional life from your private one. Also, because the extensions are ubiquitous, you will have the opportunity to answer the most important calls even when you are not in the office.

The advantages of the virtual number: receiving unlimited calls

  • There are no geographical limits:

With a virtual number you can call from anywhere without international calling costs, as well as receive unlimited calls wherever you are. All you need is an Internet connection and a computer, laptop or tablet.

  • Reduction of the cost of international calls:

By having the numbering of the country where you want to make calls, the costs of these will be as national calls, regardless of where you are making the call. And remember, the reception of calls will be unlimited and free.

  • Artificial intelligence:

Since the virtual number offers you tools that add value to the company, both to customers and suppliers.

  • Privacy:

Because in this way the employer does not need to indicate his personal number on the company’s website.

  • Convenience:

Since the entrepreneur does not have to use two phones or SIM cards to maintain his privacy.

  • HD Quality:

No matter where you are, if you have a good Internet connection, the call quality is guaranteed.

How can virtual number help increase business profitability?

One of the keys to the company’s success is working to offer a responsible and, above all, reliable image. Therefore, it is necessary to try to make a good first impression on our communication channels, whether by mail, telephone or in person. In addition, our company must respond positively to the demands of our clients, so it is necessary to establish a good organization system.

For all these reasons, it is interesting to invest in a national or international virtual number, through which calls can be received from anywhere from local or international phone numbers.

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