If you manage your organization’s call center unit or are responsible for its specific area, you know that the automation of customer service processes is no longer an option or a trend, but an absolute necessity! – this was the description of the “Intelligent Automation” debate. 

This is What you Should Pay Attention to Before Automating

The key issue before making the decision to automate is to define the goal – this is an important topic. Goals should be related to the company’s KPIs, customers and quality of service. Intelligent automation starts with defining the process and selecting the areas to be “robotic”. This allows measures to be measured and their time consumption to be determined. 

It is also important to consider how intelligent automation will affect the customer experience and employees in the company. Will they be ambassadors for change? Before you decide on automation, you should also customize your chosen solution to suit your business – be it using predictive models, a consultant assistant or a voice channel. Intelligent automation uses what’s best in people and technology. Emotions and empathy in humans, with the speed and precision of digital tools.

The Human Factor Defines the Success of Automation

Intelligent automation brings many benefits – shortening the talk time, elimination of the human error factor or risk in general. It also allows you to achieve better results! In return, the strength of the team that automation can replace or support in most activities can be used in other areas. Therefore, it can be safely said that intelligent automation is conducive to the development of the entire company. However, it must not be forgotten that it is this human factor that seems to be replaced that is of greatest importance. In the end, it is the customer’s experience and the satisfaction of their needs after such a change that will make the biggest difference. Without it, you will not achieve any business goal. The personnel also plays an important role in the automation process. Leaders and managers must be involved in the project and have an influence on the final result. 

Don’t convince your company to automate, just… change your company!

The answers to the question concerned various aspects. However, one thing is certain – the automation market is growing at a rate of around 40% per year. Regardless of your own experience and belief in robotization of businesses, automation is inevitable and necessary to become an industry leader. The situation is completely different if we take into account the company’s readiness for such solutions. Intelligent automation will not make the service, which previously operated at a very poor level, function better. It will not “patch holes”, but will be an integral part of the organization of processes, as long as the organization is ready for it and there are no serious shortcomings in the approach to the customer. An example of starting a chat is a simple solution that facilitates many activities in the company. However, it will not work 

Intelligent automation used in the right way is a real support for the call center industry. The statistics already show us how important a role it will play in the near future. 

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