Insurance Call Center Services

The call center operator deals with making and receiving calls in a telephone call center: it provides information, technical assistance, and commercial support to current and potential customers, but can also carry out telesales.

There are in fact two types of call centers:

Inbound call center

Outbound call center

The inbound call center takes care of managing the phone calls that arrive from customers. It is therefore the users themselves who get in touch with the employees of the Insurance Call Center Services, through a toll-free number and customer service contacts.

The Insurance Call Center Services operator answers the telephone contact and takes charge of the request it provides the requested information in the clearest and most comprehensive way possible and manages the ticket until it is resolved. If he is unable to close the request himself, he makes sure to redirect the contact to a higher level of assistance.

The main activities of an inbound call center operator are technical assistance, customer service, dissemination of information, and handling of complaints.

On the contrary, in the outbound call center are the operators to make calls: the numbers to which calls are provided directly by the company, in the form of a large database containing demographic, contact details, and other relevant information.

In managing the phone calls, the operators (both inbound and outbound) follow a predefined scheme, developed and provided by the company: this “trace” is called a script. Based on the different types of telephone contact, the script is adapted to specific situations and customized by the operator to be as effective as possible.

Where does a call center employee work?

Customer assistance, telemarketing, and teleshopping are widespread activities in every economic sector. In particular, very large companies in the B2C segment are usually equipped with an internal call center dedicated to customer care: for example, banks, insurance companies, telephone companies, companies in the energy sector ( electricity and gas) often hire Insurance Call Center Services operators.

There are also companies and agencies that deal exclusively with call center management, offering the service in outsourcing. Contracts usually provide for a fixed monthly salary, to which variable commissions linked to individual results are added, calculated on the productivity KPIs defined at the company level.

Call center operators and operators work in stations equipped with computers and telephones with headphones and microphones Insurance Call Center Services. The PC allows you to record the calls received and made, to document all the operations carried out for each contact, and to enter, update and manage all information related to customers ( data entry via CRM software ). Furthermore, modern Insurance Call Center Services increasingly support multi-channel communications, in addition to telephone calls: if the use of email, chat, and other types of messaging is envisaged, we speak more properly of the contact center.

The operators work divided into groups: the organization of work is managed by Team Leaders, Supervisors, and call center managers, who coordinate activities and verify individual and overall performance. Insurance Call Center Services handle a huge number of Insurance Call Center Services contacts, so the speed and accuracy of communications are essential: the work environment can therefore be very hectic, and could become stressful.

The schedules can be arranged on shifts, depending on the needs of the company. There are good opportunities to find work with flexible contracts, both for hours (for example as a part-time call center operator ) and for the workplace (for example through teleworking, equipping a workstation at home, directly at home own).

Here is what the inbound call center operator must do :

  • Receive phone calls from customers and users
  • Provide information
  • Answer the questions
  • Handle complaints
  • Explain in detail the procedures for solving a problem
  • Redirect unsolved tickets to the next level of assistance

The specific tasks of the outbound call center operator, on the other hand, are:

  • Make calls to a telephone contact list
  • Propose services/products to current and potential customers
  • Interview contacts for information
  • Generate leads and make appointments for sellers
  • Register orders, purchases, and subscriptions

Some tasks are common to all call center operators, such as following the scripts provided by the company, documenting the operations carried out and the results of phone calls, updating customer and contact data and entering information on Customer Relationship Management software.

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