Real Estate Lead Generation Guide

If you’re looking for real estate lead generation or wondering how to get real estate leads  you’re at the right plcae, let us help you through Call Center.





    Call centers in the Real Estate industry are becoming more and more important. We are a central point of contact for tenant inquiries around the clock and contribute significantly to tenant satisfaction. The spectrum in tenant communication extends from the notification of damage or maintenance to the clarification of questions of responsibility, notification of prospective tenants or the recording of complaints. We take on these inquiries and use our ticket systems to create a process that covers everything from the first contact with the tenant to the commissioning of an artisan to the conclusion. The inquiries are not only finalized more quickly, but also duplicate processes, time-delayed overlaps and costs in the event of damage are avoided. Your caretaker capacities are optimally used and utilized.

    Real estate industry

    When it comes to integrating a call center, there are many parallels between the real estate and housing sectors. In addition, however, the support for property leasing and the acceptance of inquiries from prospective tenants or buyers are increasingly becoming the focus: We provide substantial support in building and facility management and provide coordinative and technical support (e.g. for monitoring thermal power stations and the power supply) to ensure the smooth operation of your commercial property.


    At Real Interact, we make our experience in the implementation and management of all computer applications of the company available to clients, Check out how to get started

      1. Sign up
      2. Our operations / onboarding manager contact to gather requirement for start up
      3. Assign / train resources based on requirements gathered
      4. On boarding team will kick starts the project
      5. After a week, Schedule meeting with client for any feedback and inquiries
      6. QA Operations Teams Monitor the progress from the day one for continuous coaching and QA

    Why Hire Us

    Less Management Efforts

    No Facility Cost

    Reduces Employee Costs

    No Overheads

    No Overhead Costs To Manage Resources

    No Utility,Insurance & Rent to Pay

    No Hiring & Retention Issues

    Reduces Cost Of Support Department


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