Call Center Services For Insurance

We work perfectly to gather information about your insurance product or service. Then we apply your information to our process to provide an excellent customer service solutions at market competitive prices.

In the market of insurance, customers choose the insurance providers that offer the best service and good experiences. Whether they are getting home, auto, health, or life insurance, customers want their agents to handle their claims or issues expertly and resolve them fast.

That’s why almost every leading insurance company are going to outsource customer service and sales to expert call center agents trained according to insurance industry perfectly.

Real Interact provides best call center services for the insurance industry solving market challenges. Our agents understand and trained for inbound insurance sales, outbound insurance sales, and back office processing for insurance holders.


At Real Interact, we make our experience in the implementation and management of all computer applications of the company available to clients, Check out how to get started

    1. Sign up
    2. Our operations / onboarding manager contact to gather requirement for start up
    3. Assign / train resources based on requirements gathered
    4. On boarding team will kick starts the project
    5. After a week, Schedule meeting with client for any feedback and inquiries
    6. QA Operations Teams Monitor the progress from the day one for continuous coaching and QA

Why Hire Us

Less Management Efforts

No Facility Cost

Reduces Employee Costs

No Overheads

No Overhead Costs To Manage Resources

No Utility,Insurance & Rent to Pay

No Hiring & Retention Issues

Reduces Cost Of Support Department


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