Home Builders Live Chat

Home builders live chat is an option which is overlooked as a chance to engage with customers for lead generation in home builders industry.

One of the biggest decisions to make is building a new house. This is an emotional as well as financial commitment which requires trust. This increases the importance of exceptional customer service by builders to help customers in every step of the process of purchase. There are many ways businesses can gain the trust and provide great and satisfying services to customers.

The website is the gateway to sales for many residential building companies. This is because a lot of customers come across website and your website should be able to convince them that it is worth their time.  It should be easy for customers to reach out to you immediately for any questions that they may have or to simply get any information. Prospect customers prefer to set appointments via email link on the website which is the simplest way to reach out. Some customers prefer to use phone call option, if the phone number is not prominent on the website then it leads to a missed opportunity. Some websites have customized web forms which enable the buyers to request an appointment.

Last but not the least, home builders live chat is an option which is overlooked as a chance to engage with customers. However, if used properly, it can be a powerful tool to generate and qualify leads in the process of buying. Businesses related to builders and construction are a complicated industry and it is best to include a live chat service to answer their queries. It is even better to find out the questions they have and get a sales manager in touch with them after collecting the contact information.

Home Builders Lead Generation

It is clear that technology is vital in not only engaging buyers but also to close a sale. Technology has advanced in the past several years. Modern buyers at every stage of the new purchase have all the information at their fingertips. They are able to search neighborhoods, builders other details online. They are able to tour model homes, and ask question via live chat even without leaving home or office.

This ability of buyers to have access to information makes them feel in control of the decision making process. This is important because buyers are able to rely on interactive tools and access the information which they need whether it’s via swiping, clicking or scrolling.

According to a marketing expert Joe Sullivan, there is lack of order in builders industry between marketing and sales which turns into a missed prospect for business development. An effective marketing technique to convert leads into sales is through website. People often times look for solutions online at first using keywords like home builders near me or best home builders. At this point, your website should be the best source for prospect customers to find and contact you for the services.

Every business starts from scratch however, with proper strategies in place, you can give a boost to your home builders business vi home builders live chat option which may eventually lead your way up to be the best home builders in the area and form an increasing customer base.


Once you sign up, we, through our professional in-house trainers and content writers, understand your requirements by going through whatever information that is available on your website, gather your requirements and understand what exactly you want to achieve through live chat. Once we understand your needs and business model, we start training our resources.


Once we are done with the training, we send you a snippet of Java script that gets deployed to your website along with the deployment instructions.

ONCE LIVE: it is as simple as 1,2,3

1. A visitor comes to your website

2. We greet every visitor proactively within firs few seconds.

3. We start a conversation, where we gather all you had asked us to gather and assist visitor to whatever extent you had asked us to assist visitors.

4.We gather contact information and if that includes phone number, we connect them to you right away through live phone transfer.

5. Once the conversion ends, you get the chat transcript sent to your designated emails and the lead Sent to your CRM


Lead Forwarding

Automatically forwards your leads to pre-defined email addresses, meaning you get your leads almost instantly. A faster response rate ensures customer satisfaction and helps towards a successful conversion


Having a personalized manager means any changes you need to make to the script or the way your chats are handled can implemented within the hour on weekdays and within half a day over the weekend.

Trained Agents

The people chatting on your website will be trained specifically as per your business model which ensures a customized experience for every prospect they chat with. When a customer has questions and the chat agent isn’t able to answer, you lose half a chance of converting that lead. But that’s not the case with us.

Remove Logo

All our chat windows come with our logo by default. But if you want to remove that logo to give your visitors a bit more in house chat feel, we can do that too.

24/7 Agents availability

Whether it’s the middle of the night on a weekday or break of dawn on a Sunday, whether it’s Columbus Day or Christmas Eve; we’re always live greeting each and every visitor that lands on your website.

Cost Effective Plans

Whether you have a very high traffic on your website or you think you’re only goanna have a few visitor’s month, we’ve got a plan for you. At Real Interact we ensure that you get your dollars’ worth

14 day No Obligation Trial

You can try our service for free. During the trial if you think that it’s not working out for you, you can simply walk away and we won’t even charge you for the leads that we’ve generated for you during that time

Typing Insight

Our agents can see what the visitor is typing while they’re typing before they press return. This gives our agent a couple extra seconds to prepare their response which comes in handy when they’re handling multiple chats.

File Transfer

The chat window has a little paper clip icon while lets the visitor to upload files. This comes in very handy when your house hunter wants to show our chat operator a specific kitchen tile.

Black List

In the online world everyone is exposed to phishing and scam. When such a visitor lands on your website, our floor manager can black list their IP address so that our agents can focus on the more important prospects.

Quick Phrases

Predefined messages or canned responses ensure the quality of conversation and allows the agents to quickly answer common questions asked by most customers.

Agent Avatar

Having an avatar on the chat windows is a fun way of engaging the visitors and it makes feel welcome.

Spell Check

Spell Check ensures quality of chat and lets the agents correct themselves before sending a response. When they represent they’re representing the business, professionalism can’t be sidelined.

Web Calls

Our chat operators can transfer the visitors to your manager right in the middle of the chat. This excludes the delay between sending of chat transcript and your manager opening the email to contact the prospect

Away Mode

Our chat operator can pause to take a coffee break which ensures that no chat is wasted by ringing on an empty station.

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