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Healthcare Call Center Services


Is your customer service costing you heavy time and money? If your in-house team is getting stucked between call center services and patient care. Get Services from a healthcare call center so that you can pay attention on your patients and give them a better experience and better value. For This, you need a good inbound and outbound medical call center assistance to take care of insurance verification, physician referrals, medical answering services, hospice answering, etc.

Real Interact has been a leading healthcare call center services provider for more than a decade. If you have been thinking about the best medical or healthcare call center for your hospital, clinic or other healthcare facility, we are here to help you.

Medical Contact Center


Real Interact’s healthcare call center will become a part of your team, managing your data, patients, and vendors as well as providing better patient engagement. Real Interact’s best healthcare call center agents provide you specialized medical administrative support. Work with us so you can focus on your medical products and/or services while we take care of all support services.



All the information is handled strictly via customers’ HIPAA compliant scheduling software (EMR/EHR). For this purpose, BPO gets it’s IP address whitelisted so that the software could only be accessed from one location.
BPO does not allow it’s agents to do any kind of browsing during the work.
All computers are equipped with latest anti-virus software.
BPO agents work under the supervision of floor managers.
BPO monitors the calls via a QA team.

How To Get Started


At Real Interact, we make our experience in the implementation and management of all computer applications of the company available to clients, Check out how to get started:

    1. Sign up
    2. Our operations / onboarding manager contact to gather requirement for start up
    3. Assign / train resources based on requirements gathered
    4. On boarding team will kick starts the project
    5. After a week, Schedule meeting with client for any feedback and inquiries
    6. QA Operations Teams Monitor the progress from the day one for continuous coaching and QA

Why Hire Us

Less Management Efforts

No Overhead Costs To Manage Resources

No Facility Cost

No Utility,Insurance & Rent to Pay

Reduces Employee Costs

No Hiring & Retention Issues

No Overheads

Reduces Cost Of Support Department

Call Center Pricing

Our Pricing Plans are Cost-Effective


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