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Call Center Services For Accounting Firms

Real Interact’s call center services for accounting firms are designed to help you increase accounting firm’s services, achieve larger customer base with highly recommended accounting services at effective prices.

Real Interact offers industry leading accounting call center services with highly trained agents and also with the best technology. We produce value and results for each and every client with a full suite of services. Experience the difference with Real Interact’s call center services for accounting firms.

Outsourcing Accounting

With Real Interact’s Accounting Firms Call Center Solution you do not have to keep yourself busy with calls. Our 24/7/365 Accounting Call Center Services gives you the peace of mind that your customers’ calls will be answered by our highly trained agents.  Our agents are here to answer your phone calls, take messages and even set appointments so you never lose business to the competition.


At Real Interact, we make our experience in the implementation and management of all computer applications of the company available to clients, Check out how to get started

    1. Sign up
    2. Our operations / onboarding manager contact to gather requirement for start up
    3. Assign / train resources based on requirements gathered
    4. On boarding team will kick starts the project
    5. After a week, Schedule meeting with client for any feedback and inquiries
    6. QA Operations Teams Monitor the progress from the day one for continuous coaching and QA

Why Hire Us

Less Management Efforts

No Facility Cost

Reduces Employee Costs

No Overheads

No Overhead Costs To Manage Resources

No Utility,Insurance & Rent to Pay

No Hiring & Retention Issues

Reduces Cost Of Support Department


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