What does it mean that a Call Center is efficient? What does it mean to “improve” a Call Center? 

Increase Efficiency of Call Center

Company performance can be measured as the relationship between the resources needed to complete a task and the results you get. Therefore, any task that achieves its intended goal using as few resources as possible is efficient. CRM integration supports activities while limiting these resources – and it can be time, staff, or the company’s money.

Find Out Which Areas Need Improvement

The task of the Call Center is to provide customers with services or products, while maintaining the highest satisfaction of their potential recipients. There are three conditions that must be met in order for a contact center to function effectively. The first is the performance of the individual contact center agents. Therefore, the first step is fairly simple: you need to individually evaluate your agents and analyze how they are doing in creating customer relationships. 

The next condition is effective internal communication, which translates directly into external communication. If agents do not properly communicate with each other and provide each other with the necessary information, they will not be able to properly build relationships with their clients, especially those that will survive “in the long run”. This is well illustrated by a simple example: 

The customer calls the company for the first time and is served by Agent X. He is delighted with the service but has to call again next week to complete the process. Unfortunately, the following week he cannot contact Agent X, so he is “hijacked” by Agent Y. Unfortunately, due to the lack of prior communication between the two agents, Y is not able to help him as effectively as Agent X, who knows the situation better. customer. This means that the agent does not finally solve the client’s problem, and he is not satisfied with the quality of services offered by your company. He concludes that he will, however, take advantage of the competition’s offer. You just lost a client!

This is how we come to the last condition – if you meet it, you can maximize the efficiency of your company. This is a CRM integration.

Understand How CRM Integration Can Help Your Business

Some companies have too many agents for them to quickly and easily convey information about their customers to the rest of the team. Therefore, one of the ways to improve the efficiency of a Call Center is the integration of CRM, which allows you to improve internal and external communication. Examples of tools used for this purpose are Zoho, Freshdesk, Sugar CRM. The exchange of information inside is controlled by a PBX, which aims to connect consultants through internal chat, calls and internal video conferences. This CRM integration enables agents customer information management. Thanks to the cloud-based database, contact center employees will be able to access all necessary information about recipients and previous interactions with them. For the company, this means increased productivity and help manage business opportunities. However, it should be remembered that for the CRM integration to function properly in the organization, it is necessary to properly train consultants Only then will you notice the ongoing positive changes in the company. 

Take Full Advantage of the Possibilities of the Call Center

It is important to understand that CRM and contact center systems have different tasks to perform. CRM collects information about customers and suggests actions based on it. The contact center, on the other hand, manages customer-initiated and customer-driven interactions. That is why the integration of CRM with a contact center is so important.  The combination of these two things will allow you to take full advantage of all the opportunities and improve customer service in the company. 

But that’s not all! The work done by agents should be assessed on an ongoing basis to make the necessary changes and improvements to processes or systems on a regular basis . At the same time, you should constantly look for ways to improve the motivation of your consultants, which will also translate into their effectiveness. For many of them, this may be greater autonomy and responsibility. In the long run, this will enable your proactive employees to expand the scope of their activities and translate into the efficiency of their work. 

However, it should be remembered that the CRM integration itself will not do much if your recipient feels neglected. Therefore, you should make every effort to constantly improve the relations between agents and clients. They should feel that their matters are important to your company – and it is not just about helping the client, but also a cordial and empathetic approach.

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