Due to the dynamic development of e-commerce, customers have more and more expectations not only in terms of the product range, but also of the entire order handling process. Professional contact centers can not only meet these challenges, but also create trust in the brand of a given e-store.

Customer Service = Good Communication

Comfort, safety, time savings and low prices of products in online stores are the main reasons why, according to the  report, as many as 47% of  consumers decide to shop online. The report also shows that customers expect the development of e-commerce, both in the area of ​​fast order processing, as well as expanding the offer of companies, improving transaction processes and payment methods on purchasing platforms.

An e-shop is a place where the continuous development of customer service is a priority. A professional approach to the consumer builds his positive experience on the purchasing path, which in turn results in a good recommendation of the company and the acquisition of a loyal group of recipients of products or services.

In order to provide customers with efficient service, it is worth ensuring the freedom to choose contact with the consultants department. In addition, the report indicates the legitimacy of more contact options with an e-shop, and at the same time a high standard of service – thanks to this, as many as 15% more consumers would decide to buy on a given platform. Along with the growing expectations of consumers, the industry is also introducing more and more tools that facilitate contact with the consumer and significantly improve its service.

The main factors for which the customer’s contact with the service department is initiated are questions related to the implementation of the order by the brand, methods of making payment transactions, payment status or doubts regarding the return policy.

The 5 Most Important Principles of Customer Service

1. Quick solution to the customer’s problem, or FCR.

According to the report, the need to contact the customer service department again causes considerable frustration and aversion to the company among 85% of consumers. Thanks to the analysis of the First Call Resolution indicator in the call center, activities in the company may affect the efficiency of the service department. Solving the case in the first contact with the consumer creates a strong correlation with satisfaction with the entire customer’s purchasing path.

In order to effectively solve customer problems, training for employees should be organized, during which they will learn how to prepare a customer database with all the detailed information and how to react independently without consulting the case with another department. In addition, proper queuing of connections is important – the customer is assigned a consultant specialized in a given area. Each of the databases contains specific information regarding the specific characteristics of customers or the most frequent requests. Appropriate CRM systems allow for quick access to information resources and are able to optimize the work of consultants, as well as support them during direct contact with the e-consumer.

2. Fast response time to the connection.

In order to avoid customer dissatisfaction and enable him to contact the service department as soon as possible, it is worth implementing activities and systems such as:

  • IVR: an easy-to-use voice menu, thanks to which the consumer will be directed to an appropriately qualified consultant in a short time
  • automatic callback function, i.e. initiating a call with a consumer who previously resigned from contact with the service department.

3. Integration of communication channels in the call center.

Nowadays, customers expect intensified contact with the e-shop service using various communication channels, freely chosen by them, both in the traditional (telephone) and digital form (e-mail, contact form, social media, chat). What is more, they require easy switching between channels, expecting knowledge of the subject of their problem at every level of contact with the call center.

To meet these needs, it is worth considering the standard of customer service in the form of an omnichannel solution in a call center, thanks to which it is possible to integrate and record consumer data from each communication channel. It is worth paying attention to the language of communication with the client, which is also influenced by the age range – in each of the individual channels one should use a different style, more or less formally.

4. Personalize the contact.

Personalization of each customer service is a key factor that influences building a positive relationship between the consumer and the brand. Reliable and effective response to customer needs, a specially dedicated offer or friendly contact is a priority today.

A number of tools are used to personalize contact with the customer, e.g. CRM systems that collect precise data about consumers, application registers, the analysis of which allows for a quick and professional response to customer needs or sending personalized messages via e-mail or SMS regarding payment status or delivery of the order.

5. Golden rules of customer service according to the Shoper platform.

  • make it solved:  implement such systems and use such tools to always solve the customer’s problem
  • make it easy : easy and accessible contact with the service department. Optimize all forms of communication with the service department.
  • make it fast : be available 24/7 and solve problems quickly, deliver satisfactory solutions to customers.
  • make it human : build a positive relationship with the consumer, not forgetting the human element in contact with another person. Thanks to a kind conversation, you build a positive image of your company.
  • make it magic : after-sales care, bonuses or small gifts for the customer will surely surprise him.

It is difficult to build the trust of e-customers, but by improving the forms of contact with the consumer, there is a real chance for a loyal relationship. Effective and quick response to customer needs, the lack of situations in which there are misunderstandings and meeting the expectations of e-consumers are the basis for creating a satisfactory shopping path and the prospect of online brand recommendations. E-stores are able to deal with customer service on their own at the beginning of their operation on the Internet, but for permanent development in the e-commerce industry, achieving high profits, high customer satisfaction rates and receiving feedback from consumers, the support of a professional call center is essential.

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