Medical care in our country is developing very dynamically. This development is accompanied by increasing competition among health care institutions, increasing patients’ awareness of their rights, as well as the lack of tolerance for poor quality of service. The solution to many problems related to the level of patient service is the call center. in this we we’ll talk about Implementing Call Center in Healthcare.

Healthcare is a special industry and the patient is a special type of client. Action in these areas requires delicacy, empathy, care and discretion – any failures in these matters may alienate the patient and make him lose confidence in the facility. Therefore, for clinics and hospitals, especially private ones, it is important not only to attract new patients, but also to make them loyal to the facility.

However, it is difficult to gain the trust and loyalty of patients if the facility is struggling with various problems related to broadly understood communication – both external and internal. What can these problems be? One of the most common is the low answered incoming call rate – it is simply difficult for patients to reach the facility. This may result from improper organization of registration work, high workload (e.g. the need to perform other tasks related to customer service at the same time) or the lack of appropriate tools . This results in further problems, such as patients failing to attend their appointments without prior notification, poor flow of information between departments and employees, as well as low evaluation of the quality of communication and service.

Call Center in Medical Facility – Why is it Worth it?

The Call Center is a telephone customer service center (in the case of medical facilities – patients), where employees respond to calls, service inquiries and provide the necessary telephone support. Modern Call Center is not only about telephone patient service, but also answering questions asked by chats, Messenger, contact forms or e-mails. That is why we are talking more and more often not so much about the Call Center, but about the contact center.

Importantly, more and more medical facilities decide to dedicate one or two people at certain times to the exclusive handling of telephone calls . This allows for the efficient performance of registration obligations for other team members, helps in handling large telephone traffic, and provides psychological comfort to the reception staff. Many outlets have been contacting us for many months, not only to use the application, but also to ask for help in “arranging” a separate department or a mini-department of the Call Center . Our experience in this area shows that the decision to assign even one additional person to handle the telephone traffic separately can significantly increase the number of appointments, and thus the income in the facility.

Call Center brings many benefits for a medical facility – especially if its launch is associated with the implementation of appropriate tools for organizing the work of medical registration . What exactly does the facility gain?

  • Own Call Center is the possibility of constant, systematic monitoring of the level of customer service.
  • A call center organized within a medical facility is lower cost than outsourcing these activities to an outsourcing company.
  • Call Center registrars in a medical facility have the most comprehensive knowledge about the health services they offer.
  • Call Center employees can react faster and more smoothly to changes in the offer, questions and problems reported by patients, etc.

The use of a contact center application – enables effective management of all incoming and outgoing telephone traffic, as well as reducing the number of lost calls. The call center in a medical facility ensures automatic data recording and analysis.

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