“Even 87% of contact center managers unknowingly do not use a proprietary tool that radically increases the effectiveness of teams”

Quality of Customer Service in Call Center

Use the tool you already have and achieve:
➢ up to 64% higher sales results,
➢ even twice as high order values,
➢ a radical increase in customer satisfaction, which translates into higher profit,
➢ a significant reduction in the% of complaints,
➢ more closed cases per day, more satisfied customers, greater connectivity in the future …

Regardless of whether you play the role of:
➢ director or senior manager in the contact center ,
➢ middle manager, manager, team leader,
➢ sales consultant, customer service consultant
, you can start significantly improving your results in the near future. No need to invest in training or guides that you don’t have time for anyway. How is this possible?

According to the latest report, even 87% of contact center managers unknowingly do not use 1 effective tool that radically increases team efficiency. What does this efficiency mean?
➢ greater and easier accessibility to the base
➢ higher sales conversion, higher average order amount
➢ lower percentage of cancellations and complaints
➢ greater customer satisfaction and satisfaction, which translates into higher profit in the future.

In summary, it is easier to achieve the sales goals of each link of the call center and better financial results.

A tool to help you achieve them… you already have it on board (regardless of whether you work as a director, manager or consultant). It is free of charge , and what is more, with effective support, its implementation will not even be time-consuming.

Have you already guessed which tool we’re talking about?

It’s Empathy

Empathy in a specific sense, which with a little help:
• easy to find (see how it translates into profit),
• easy to implement and train with consultants (ready-made scenarios),
• to make a very important sales tool and a way to maintain even the most difficult Customer (developed training materials).

In the time of a pandemic, crisis, and weaker mental resilience, it is the skillful use of empathy that determines the success of a consultant, team, department. Lost, unsure of their fate, customers are becoming more and more closed to talks with customer service departments.

Most, even exemplarily complex, pre-pandemic script-based proposals end up getting angry, irritated, and disconnected.

At the same time, more than half of the clients declare during the conversation with the consultant that their feelings and needs have not been recognized. More than half. Do you know what this means for you?

• Loss of a large group of potential customers
• Loss of profit that they could have generated
• Profit potential that you will soon be able to use.

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