Customers contacting the service department are often torn by strong emotions. As a rule, it is irritation, sometimes surprise, fear and even anger. These are seemingly minor matters, but the good of the entire company may depend on how they are solved.

Each mistake may result not only in the loss of the client , but also in the creation of a chain reaction , at the end of which there is a serious image problem of the company. Unfortunately, such situations occur more and more frequently as a result of a pandemic. And it will happen even more often!

Every third Contact Center customer claims that their emotions have not been properly understood – according to the Smart Survey conducted in July 2020. The vast majority of them had a negative impact on the perception of the brand, and 73% shared these feelings with other people.

What is worse, their decision was not significantly influenced even by the fact whether the problem they called was resolved or not.

At the same time, more than half of the people whom consultants could not help but behaved in an empathetic manner improved their opinions about the brand. She wanted to continue using her services and was willing to forget about the problem – or even take some of the blame on herself!

Empathy is a huge, unused area for business. Already now, in most cases, it determines the effectiveness of many Call Centers. And soon, it will likely become crucial in establishing collaboration and outsourcing services, and in hiring and determining the rates for consultants.

When the goal of the conversation is not met, the customer may still be satisfied with the level of service. However, it needs to be handled appropriately. As?

• Complete results and conclusions from the ground-breaking Smart Survey on empathy in the Contact Center;
• Simple steps, thanks to which you can easily improve empathy during conversations and achieve customer satisfaction on the level of 91%.

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