Call Center Campaigns

As the job title indicates, the Representative Call Center Campaigns, Customer Service, is responsible for answering phone calls from customers of his company. He must listen, understand and solve the problems posed by his interlocutor within a reasonable time. He performs his task according to the policy set by the company and makes sure to respect the person who is on the phone. He regularly monitors clients’ files and calls them back in emergency Call Center Campaigns. He is supervised by a hierarchical superior who regularly records his telephone calls.

Main skills

  • College and high school diplomas recommended
  • The first experience in the same field or in a related profession (survey agent, in-store customer service, etc.) desired
  • Knowledge of basic computer tools is often required
  • French and English bilingualism generally required to provide comparable service in both languages
  • Knowledge of the company’s products and services required: training is regularly offered
  • Personal qualities
  • Have good interpersonal skills
  • Be patient and positive
  • Be persuasive
  • Knowing how to inspire confidence
  • Be resourceful
  • Have a sense of organization
  • Manage stress
  • Speaking to professionals
  • Customer service representative: a competent interlocutor for a variety of customers
  • Evelyne De Gregorio, Broker for Essor Assurances

“Customer service is not set in stone, “Call Center Campaigns, agent-representative for Essor Assurances. We have doctors, professors, or men and women online. It’s very diverse. »Francophones and Anglophones who allow him to converse in both languages, but who make his task more difficult.

Because Evelyne must answer the various questions that the insured asks himself in matters of damage insurance, home, automobile, and recreational vehicles (boats, trailers, snowmobiles, etc.).

She explains to the client what is covered and what is not. She communicates very effectively the information that subscribers need, performs updates in Call Center Campaigns, and establishes a permanent follow-up of files. Evelyne may also be required to offer additional products to customers.

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