After evaluating the effectiveness of your campaigns, you have found that the returns on your prospecting operations are not enough to boost your turnover? Or do you not have enough qualified answers on the offers that you have proposed to your prospects?

It may be time to review or change your strategy.

One of the best solutions is to increase the conversion rate of your prospects into customers.

So how can you improve your telephone prospecting return rate? In this special file, we will share our expertise with you.

What are the current prospecting issues?

No one can deny it, your existing customers can leave for different reasons. New competitors may also enter the market where you operate. In addition, consumer behavior, priorities and preferences are constantly changing.

What does it all mean?

If you settle for your current sales funnel, you may see you’re well dry up quickly. It is therefore important to adapt to the changing landscape of business development of the 21th century if you do not want your business fall behind.

Prospecting must be one of your priorities. The idea is to call the most qualified leads and strive for a high conversion rate.

This raises an important question: what should be the average conversion rate for a telephone prospecting campaign?

It is difficult to define exactly the ideal conversion rate since it can be calculated on the basis of each stage of the sales funnel. In other words, you have to consider the percentage of prospects who successfully pass from one stage to the other of the tunnel.

But when we talk about conversion rate, it’s usually the number of appointments you get out of 100 reasoned contacts that you have to consider.

The transformation rate of telephone calls in terms of making appointments is around 10 to 15%. If you have a rate of less than 10%, it is likely that your offer is not attractive enough for your targets, or that you are targeting the wrong people.

You must, therefore, change your content during your next telemarketing campaigns and insist on the advantages of the offer for your prospects.

Do you want to take your telephone prospecting return rate up a notch? There is no secret! Just adopt the following few proven techniques.

How to improve your telephone prospecting return rate?

Maintain your customer network

Keep in mind that any relationship with a sales contact can allow you to find another potential prospect. Said contact can be one of your suppliers, a communication agency, a former employee, a subcontractor, etc.

Studies show that a consumer is 4 times more likely to buy your product if it is recommended by someone they know and that he relies 2 to 10 times more on word of mouth than on advertisements broadcast via traditional media (radio, TV, etc.).

If you haven’t already done so, then you need to create a recommendation marketing program today.

Relaunch, Relaunch and Relaunch your prospects

Many counselors do not like (or often forget) to make stimulus calls. Yet it is one of the most important parts of their work.

Don’t be put off by disappointing response rates from your prospects. On average, sales representatives must make at least six dunning calls before throwing in the towel. Give it a try and you will be amazed at how well your persistence can pay off.

Be careful however!

Even if you want to get in touch with a sales contact as quickly as possible – which means you will want to call them several times in a short time – don’t do it. It can make you feel boring or hopeless.

Studies show that if you have not received a response to your prospecting call within 24 hours, it is essential to act on it. The point is, you have a 21% chance of getting a response on your second call if the first call goes unanswered.

Make sure you are polite when you raise a prospect. Use a CRM to plan your calls and manage your contacts. Do not hesitate to use other means of contact if necessary (e-mail, chatbots, etc.). Above all, don’t forget to provide new information that can be of value to your customers. This will triple your conversion rates.

Create effective business challenges

One of the essential elements for the success of a telephone prospecting is your collaborators. They may use effective tools and have the know-how to capture the attention of your prospects, it will be useless if they are not motivated. In fact, if your employees are not hired, this will cause a drop in speed and will be clearly felt on the results of your conversion.

To remedy this, you can organize challenges and offer prizes to salespeople who manage to obtain a high conversion rate. You can also organize team building events in order to strengthen the team spirit in your business.

Despite your motivational strategies, it must be admitted that, unfortunately, prospecting remains a task that is not glamorous. It requires monotonous work that takes a long time, to the point of bogging down some of your sales representatives. One of the best solutions to avoid such a situation is to automate prospecting.

Automate your prospecting campaigns

While the basic principles of the sales funnel have remained virtually the same for years, the tactics used by marketers have changed a lot to get leads to the other end of the funnel.

One of the recent is to automate telephone prospecting using a callbot. It is a conversational robot that uses several technologies such as machine learning, speech analysis and synthesis, automatic natural language processing and Artificial Intelligence to allow it to conduct a telephone conversation with your prospects.

Of course, the callbot cannot replace real interaction and engagement with your collaborators, but it can be used at the beginning to take care of tedious tasks that do not require human intervention.

A callbot can be configured to set up a business meeting, to restart your customers or to perform certain tasks in place of the agents in your call center. This will reduce the workload of your representatives and give them more time to sell and increase your turnover.


If you work in sales, you surely know that telephone prospecting is not an easy task.

However, no matter how effective your current process is, you can always improve it, by implementing the most recent strategies and adapting to the changing habits of your targets.

Besides, you currently have more tools than ever before to improve your telephone prospecting return rate.

Use these tools, follow these best practices and you will see that it is indeed possible to keep a sales pipeline full of prospects and to close more sales!

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