Outbound Call Center Services:

Telephone sales and telemarketing also fall within the remit of many call centers. Basically, these are outbound call centers. Because these facilities make direct contact with the customer, while inbound call centers only receive the calls from the customers and the responsible agents then react accordingly, for example, to accept the customer’s order or to deal with their complaints. In order for successful direct sales on the phone to take place, the employees naturally need not only to be trained in the various communication technologies and sales approaches. A product benefit analysis is crucial. Even the call center call point, of course, carries out this analysis in a comprehensive form in order to be able to best support its customers in telephone marketing.

Attractive conversation hangers are also practiced to make selling on the phone easier. In addition, the capable call center agents, who were specially selected for this task, can convince with well-founded arguments. So that the rate of sales success is correspondingly high, it is important that regular quality controls take place in the call center. Ultimately, well-done telemarketing should never be about the agent persuading the customer to buy over the phone. Rather, really good call centers in Switzerland have the claim that the customer ultimately stands by his purchase decision and is really convinced of the advantages of the product.

Outsource the Order Service to a Call Center

Call Center Outsourcing:

If the company’s own customer service department can no longer answer the inquiries promptly, good advice does not have to be expensive. Because at the call center, customers can benefit from excellent service. Complete or at least partial outsourcing of a company’s order hotline brings various advantages. After all, most call centers have agents who speak up to four languages, so that international callers can also be helped with their problems. In comparison to the company’s own customer service center, most call centers are staffed around the clock, so that the order service can also be released around the clock. Whether it’s a company with an online shop, ticket service or a mail-order company.

Inbound Call Center Services:

Because despite the digital age, there are still many people who prefer personal contact and therefore prefer to order by phone rather than placing an order online. In addition, placing an order on the phone has decisive advantages. Because cross-selling or up-selling can usually be implemented much well via this channel then is the case, for example, when ordering online. These additional sales alone speak for themselves. For entrepreneurs, working with the call center also has a great advantage in many cases that the fixed costs can be reduced. Because most call centers only charge for their service when a call is received. Since a call center often has larger human resources to offer, a higher number of orders can be accepted, which is particularly important at peak times. In addition, the call center usually has much stricter quality controls than the customer service centers of the companies themselves. Thanks to the cooperation with a call center, even better service for your own customers can be guaranteed.

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