How to Get Real Estate Leads Via Live Chat

Now-a-days, customers prefer to use the website as the main source of information whenever they need to buy something or to get the services from a company. The same is true for real estate.  If you’re looking for free real estate leads or looking to buy real estate leads, read on. This article will help you in the decision-making process. In this article, we’ll discuss how to get real estate leads via live chat.

Besides the technological advancement and people being prone to the use of modern means of communication, one thing hasn’t changed regarding customer services, that is, customers still prefer talking to humans rather than robots.


How To Get Real Estate Leads

Real Estate Leads

Real estate is a sort of business which is driven by people. It is important to have face-to-face interaction to finalize a deal. However, the initial contact between seller and buyer happens online.

Although being beneficial in terms of ease, speed and reach; it is just a matter of minutes to lose a customer via online communication if something goes wrong. Retaining a customer while he/she is on your website is paramount for you to get real estate leads.

How to Get Real Estate Leads

Fortunately, best real estate leads can be generated using live chat without stumbling upon the difficulties of online customer services, which eventually, also results in increased sales.

In the older times, real estate agents used to build rapport with customers in person to generate commercial real estate leads, but in today’s digital world, customers like to discover and get some information before they make a contact.

After making some research, customers start reaching out to agents and they expect to be responded fast. However, some factors restrict agents from meeting expectations. Generally, they rely on old means of communication like email to create commercial real estate leads, which takes time to respond or makes it difficult to answer every query and might lead to many messages left unanswered.

It is very important to respond as soon as possible to avoid the risk of losing a potential buyer to another company than yours.

There are several benefits of responding quickly besides attracting potential long term customers. The suggested time to respond is within 5 minutes. After that time, it becomes hard to make contact with the customer again since you have to make multiple attempts to contact. Customers generally stick to agents who are quick to answer their queries.

Customers expect that things happen fast since a large number of buyers belong to the digital era. Quick and instant response via live chat is something they expect from the company they are making contact with. This is the best way on how to generate real estate leads


Using the following tips would help you generate best real estate leads while enhancing the experience for the customers after you have the live chat tool in place on the website.

  • If you’re using some automated answers, such as those in canned messages, try to make it as real as possible to give it a more personalized and human touch.
  • It is important to understand customer’s question before you answer it, while also being quick.
  • It is best to greet customers and ask their name to create familiarity with them while also being polite and appreciative during a conversation.
  • It is recommended to proofread your response to avoid any difficulties and confusions.
  • Engaging in a conversation via live chat with customers gives you the chance to know the seriousness of the visitor to get your services. It provides a way to find out whether the visitor is only curious or really interested to hire a realtor. Traditional means of communication generally require more time to determine it.
  • Adapting to change is paramount since a large number of current homebuyers are grown up in the era of technological advancement. Using live chat and messages are a plus point in reaching them.

It is probable that many potential customers are likely to make a contact online at first, integrating live chat on your website is quite equivalent to getting free real estate leads since the cost incurred is not as much. This method of lead generation is better than buying real estate leads from any other source.

It is quite safe to assume that consumers have changed and it’s best that your real estate company adapts to this change and be quick in order to gain maximum benefit. It is quite possible that you will be able to generate a qualified lead after just one live chat through your website.

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